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Programme 11plus1 independent / contemporan debuted in the 2017-2018 season and is now in its third season.

11plus1 independent/contemporan contains a selection of the 12 best independent theatre and contemporary dance performances in the country and brings artists, directors, choreographers, dancers and performers from the independent cultural area to the stage of the Marin Sorescu National Theatre in Craiova, creating an unconventional and diverse cultural environment.

Programme 11plus1 independent / contemporan  of the "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre in Craiova aims to support and encourage the segment of independent theatre and contemporary dance productions, becoming an important springboard for young creators who thus have the opportunity to perform on the stage of a professional cultural institution. At the same time, the public of Craiova is exposed to alternative art performances, many of them with a social and educational impact, which is absolutely necessary in a city where the contemporary dance scene is non-existent.

In 2019 - 2020 season have been selected and invited to National Theatre “Marin Sorescu” six independent theatre performances and six contemporary dance performances:

01 October 2019 SEXODROM, directed by Bogdan Georgescu // Giuvlipen Theatre Company, Bucharest, Romania

15 October 2019 FARIDA, choreography Blanka Macaveiu // András Lóránt Company, Târgu Mureș

05 November 2019 153 SECOND, directed by Ioana Păun // Bucharest

19 November 2019 SHE'S A GOOD BOY, concept and direction Eugen Jebeleanu //ColectivA Cluj, Temps d'Images Festival, ERSTE Foundation

04 February 2020 NIHIL SINE DEO, choreography Daniel Alexandru Dragomir // Contemporary Creative Dreamers, Bucharest, Romania

11 February 2020 ECHIVALENT, concept and choreography George Pleșca// Bucharest

18 February 2020 LAST STRAW, concept and choreography Maria Luiza Dimulescu // Bucharest

25 February 2020 BALLADS OF MEMORY, a performance by Ionela Pop, Raul Coldea, Nicoleta Esinencu, Oana Hodade, Doru Taloș// REACTOR for creation and experiment, Cluj-Napoca

03 March 2022 GLORYdirected by Olivia Grecea // REACTOR for creation and experiment, Cluj-Napoca

10 March 2022 RECLUSE CAPTAIN, concept Gabriela and Cristian Fierbințeanu, co-production PETEC Association, Bucharest

19 May 2020 OST(Organic Sound Twist), concept and choreography Andrea Gavriliu // "Lucian Blaga" National Theatre, Cluj-Napoca

26 May 2020 THE PLASTICATTA, concept Adonis Tanța // REACTOR for creation and experiment, Cluj-Napoca