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The collective bilingual volume Teatrul.ro 30. New names / Theatre.ro 30. New Entries coordinated by theatre critic Oltița Cîntec is launched on Saturday, February 8, 2020, at 6:30 pm, at the "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre Craiova. The material brings together the portraits of 30 artists who made a name for themselves after 1989. Among them the directors of the Craiova National Theatre - Radu Afrim and Bobi Pricop.


"Historically, 30 years is not a long time. Specialized encyclopedias record longer-lasting conflicts! Three decades is a small stage in the millennial chronology, a stage in which events barely have time to coagulate, let alone mature or reach their limits. But from a personal perspective, the 30 years that have passed since the 1989 boom are the equivalent of maturity, either biological or professional. As individuals, we do not have at our disposal the generous temporal dimension of history, we have exclusively that of our own biography, limited in time and for which these 30 years mean a consistent piece. It is one of the reasons why it seemed almost obligatory for me to mobilize my colleagues and to orient the spotlight of the theoretical analysis towards the new names in the stage perimeter that asserted themselves in conditions of freedom. (…) In these years of transition, the Romanian context has always been under the siege of unpredictability, instability and lack of predictability. We had to persevere in order to impose every small change that would shake inertia and stagnation. The last three decades have not enjoyed the pace of transformation that Romania would have needed, and often the direction has not been the most advantageous for the citizens. This volume is not a controversial one, it is a group picture of those who, through what they imagined for the stage, managed to push in the direction of progress the art to which they were dedicated. These pages are about them. ” Oltița Cîntec


Oltița Cîntec is a theater critic, president of the International Association of Romanian Theater Critics (AICT.RO), associate professor at the “George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iași. An active publicist, researcher of the local and international theatrical phenomenon, he has signed specialized and academic articles in the country and abroad. She is the author of several award-winning books on theory and theatrical history on the art of contemporary performance. Over time, he has contributed to studies in collective volumes in the country and abroad, enriching information on contemporary theater in Romania and around the world.


The book launch will be moderated by Nicolae Coande, head of the theatre's dramaturgy department. The event will be attended by Oltița Cîntec, coordinator of the work, together with Silvia Dumitrache and Oana Cristea-Grigorescu (theatre critics, contributors), as well as the director Bobi Pricop, to whom a chapter of this volume is dedicated..


In fact, the launch of the book is scheduled as a preamble to the show "RADIO" by Eric Bogosian, the latest production of the Marin Sorescu Theatre Craiova, directed by Bobi Pricop, which will be performed from 19:00 in the Amza Pellea Hall.


"Director Bobi Pricop made a fascinating show about the pathological dementia of the world with a text by Eric Bogosian, Talk Radio , awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1987 and screened by Oliver Stone in 1988. It's surprising to see how a radio show of almost two hours, played as such on stage, becomes so thrilling and visual. ”

Oana Stoica, Scena9.ro