Teatrul National Marin Sorescu

The National Theatre, which bears his name, will celebrate Marin Sorescu again this year. Born in 1936, on 29 February (a constant source of jokes to friends that he only drinks every... four years), Sorescu is the Romanian author whose work is frequently revisited by generations of readers who are still seduced by the fine irony of the man who saw "literature in progress as a great spectacle".

Until the premiere on April 11 with " Shakespeare's cousin" (directed by Radu Boroianu), the Craiova National invites you to a reading show, " The Bells of Berlin and other views and you ”, with the participation of the actors Angel Rababoc, Constantin Cicort, Nicolae Vicol, Petra Zurba.

Selection of texts from the diaries and poems of the writer Nicolae Coande.

The show will take place on Thursday, February 27, at 5:00 pm, at the Take a Look !

Admission is free.

For those who want to preview an excerpt from the show, here is the poem Perseverance , recently entered to the attention of English speakers from the moment it was displayed in the London Underground. Opportunity for national pride, isn’t it?



"I'll look at the grass

Until I get the title

Doctor in the grass.


You deprive the nori

By the time I'm Laureat



I'll walk past the smoke

Until the smoke, shamefully,

Will become the flame again

From the beginning.


I'm going to pass by all the things

Until they

They will come to meet me."




I shall look at the grass

Till I obtain the degree

Of Doctor of Grass.


I shall lokk at the clouds

Till I become a Master

of the Clouds


I shall walk beside the smoke

Till out of shame

The smoke returns to the flame

Of its beginning.


I shall walk beside all things

Till all tthings

Come to know me.