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We miss the theater together, and this month, every Saturday, from 22:00, we have a viewing program right from home: the performances of the National Theater "Marin Sorescu" are broadcast on TV, on TVR Craiova.
📍14 November - The Bloody Wedding, by Federico García Lorca, directed by Andrei Măjeri
📍 November 21 - Farewell, Europe!, by I.D.Sîrbu, directed by Bogdan-Cristian Drăgan
📍 28 November - House with meerkats, by David Drábek, directed by Radu Afrim
📆14 November, 22:00
bloody wedding
by Federico García Lorca
translation and adaptation: Andrei Măjeri and Adina Lazăr
Direction and musical illustration: Andrei Măjeri
"The Bloody Wedding", written by F. G. Lorca, is one of the most famous plays of universal drama. The Andalusian landscape is resemanticized in our scenic proposal, adapted and modernized. The imposing space in which the action takes place (a tennis court) abstracts and gives new meaning to a world governed by passions, revenge and local spectres. We will witness a performance-competition, a highly contemporary staging in which the characters' anxieties develop a mythology of their own and where comedy is inescapable.
Mirela Cioabă, Raluca Păun, Alex Calangiu, Claudiu Mihail, Adrian Andone, Romanița Ionescu, Gabriela Baciu, Anca Dinu, Monica Ardeleanu, Ștefan Cepoi, Corina Druc, Costinela Ungureanu, Haricleea Nicolau, Ramona Drăgulescu, Dragoș Măceșanu, Cosmin Rădescu, Cătălin Miculeasa
Set and costumes: Irina Chirilă
Choreography: Flavia Giurgiu
Assistant director: Adina Lazăr
Orchestration and musical preparation: Katalin Incze
📆 21 November, 22:00
𝘼𝙙𝙞𝙤, 𝙀𝙪𝙧𝙤𝙥𝙖!-a stirring performance in honor of a writer who "read" us all
* Show presented in 2019 on the occasion of the celebration of the Centenary of Ion D. Sîrbu, one of the most important Romanian writers of the 20th century.
By Ion D. Sirbu
Artistic direction, scenography, sound universe, filming: Bogdan-Cristian Drăgan
Dramatization: Nicolae Coande
A black truck. A man caught in the blinding headlights of history. Candid. Olympia - a woman who understands everything and wants to save him. But is salvation possible in the twentieth century, that of all possible atrocities? Can you live among jesters and founders? The world of Isarlak… where everything is possible and nothing has consistency. A show in which "Goodbye" can also mean a promise: you will never be forgotten.
Angel Rababoc, Anca Dinu, Constantin Cicort, Nicolae Vicol, Gabriela Baciu, Petronela Zurba.
📆 28 November, 22:00
House with meerkats
by David Drábek
directed by Radu Afrim
In a house full of meerkats, besides hoofed birds and a dead mole, live three sisters. The youngest sister is haunted by the memory of an insane mother and hasn't left the meerkats for a year since her father's sudden death. The BIG one snuggled in front of the TV and ate herself into immobility. The middle sister is the only one who works to maintain the house with meerkats.
Everywhere and everything governs the spirit of a fake Buddha. Girls are trapped in this extravagant universe.
Three men come into their lives and upend their lives.
Ramona Drăgulescu, Raluca Păun, Iulia Lazăr, Alex Calangiu, Claudiu Mihail, Vlad Udrescu, Cătălin Miculeasa, Romanița Ionescu, Constantin Cicort
Translation: Mircea Dan Duță
Scenography: Irina Moscu
Assistant director: Cătălin Miculeasa
Sound universe: Radu Afrim
Sound design: Călin Țopa
Consulting mimic language: gestural Filomela Salahoru