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100 days. 100 stories. 100 countries


At the Marin Sorescu National Theatre the year 2021 will start with a new and ambitious project that will bring together theatrical talent from 100 countries.

Over 650 years ago, Giovani Boccaccio wrote 100 stories in his Decameron to make the world forget about isolation, fear and death. During the present pandemic, the “Marin Sorescu” National Theater in Craiova invites the theatrical world to join THE HEKTOMERON project in a universal message of hope. 100 countries, 100 directors, 100 texts from the Decameron broadcast on the internet in 100 days on the site www.hektomeron.com .

The actors of the Craiova band will play the 100 stories, and 100 directors from all over the world will bring their cultural contribution to the stage. The episodes will be played in Romanian with English subtitles. The representation will have a personal manner and a subjective vision, which can work together to complete an objective, coherent picture of the era. A unique human and cultural theme that highlights the same resilient spirit of man going through hard times.

In addition to the 100 episodes, actors, scenographers, playwrights and theaters from the participating countries will be presented, a reason to affirm the cultural identity of the countries participating in this daring project.

The theatrical journey will begin in mid-January 2021 and end on April 24. May will bring a 25-hour marathon show that will bring together all 100 episodes of the project.