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The “Marin Sorescu” National Theater announces the winner of the 11th edition of the contest of young Romanian directors and scenographers, for 2022. Among the projects submitted at the end of last year, the director Bobi Pricop and the literary secretary of the theater, the writer Nicolae Coande, decided that this year Cristina Giurgea is the one who will mount a show after the novel Ioana Bradea , „Băgău . Considered a cult novel, versatile and intelligently written, Ioana Bradea's book was published in 2004 by EST Publishing House, an international publishing house run by Samuel Tastet, known especially for editing Henry Miller's novels. The novel, republished in 2020 by Ed Humanitas, gives voice to a hidden voice, uncensored femininity, the inner voice of all abandoned, confused and abandoned women, thrown into the slump of the post-communist world. A novel of disintegration and transition to a world in which gender difference is a fine theory marked by brutality and confrontation with the "demons of capitalist society, but with the expression a literary critic, and with "the inexhaustible gallery of men caught in aggressive and toxic fantasies . The scenography belongs to Ioana Ungureanu .

The show will premiere in December.

Băgău , Ioana Bradea's debut novel, is The Human Voice in the Age of 89.89.89… I don't know if Bradea read Cocteau's dramatic monologue, probably not (who else reads Cocteau today? !), but the similarities are enough: another woman abandoned by her boyfriend (here, her name is Andreea), another phone call (here, even more!), another long confession of the joys and sorrows lived together, another Voice… If he "invented" something, Bradea seems to have invented the oral; not ‘oral literature’ (this was invented a long time ago), nor, obviously, ‘oral sex’ (and this, since the world…), but ‘oral’ as a setting, engine, narrator of fiction. Her voice (ubiquitous, even when it intersects - & intersexes - with the voices of colleagues and clients) is the book itself: Bradea manages a real tour of strength (oral) speaking nonstop, commenting on gossip swearing the rule a delirium that does not hoarse for a moment. " - Alex. Leo Serban

"It was very difficult for Romanian literature to reach Ioana Bradea's novel, its title so violently provocative. The young prose writer's book has made a desperate leap, through which she has succeeded in correcting the difficult and - until now - sad effort of unlocking the taboos of literary language... Ioana Bradea is probably the only one of the young writers experimenting with the debut of language who does not put the desire to spell before the need to write... Ioana Bradea's reconstructed nocturnal conversations are astonishing. A dirty world, stained by laziness, poisoned by indolence, desperate by helplessness, rises from the filthy sheets of the present and tells us, extremely brutally, where we really are." - Tania Radu


" Băgău was, like 69 by Ionuț Chiva and for good / vice versa by Adrian Schiop, one of the manifestos of young prose of the years 2000. As Marfa și banii , written by Cristi Puiu and Răzvan Rădulescu, had been the manifesto of what would become the New Romanian Cinema. Unlike Chiva and Schiop, Ioana Bradea kept away from circles and the literary world. In 2004 she was practically a stranger. Even greater was the shock caused by her novel [… ] / But it was a shock absorbed by the Romanian literary world. The chronicles and reactions were laudatory, the voices of those who usually complained about the misery of the new prose were lost in general enthusiasm, and the Writers' Union gave them debut award ." - Mihai Iovănel

Cristina Giurgea graduated from the "I. L Caragiale", Bucharest (2016). His most recent production, Eden, by Eugene O' Brien, is the result of a collaboration between the Irish Embassy (which awarded a scholarship to a master student to stage an Irish text), the National University of Theatre and Cinema "I.L. Caragiale" in Bucharest and TNB (through the Centre for Theatre Research and Creation "Ion Sava").

Ioana Ungureanu graduated from the University of Theater and Cinematography „I. L Caragiale , Bucharest (2016), The Art of the Scenographer. Among other things, he proposed, together with Andreea Moisescu, the scenography of the show Rhino (E. Ionesco), directed by Ionuț Anghel, a show awarded for the best direction in the 2014 UNATC Graduates Gala.

The winning projects of previous editions were:

1.         "Conu' Leonida face with reaction" by I.L.Caragiale, directed by Diana Dragoș, scenography Adriana Dinulescu

2.      "Photoshop", text and direction Catinca Drăgănescu, scenography Sorana Țopa

3.       "Professor of Religion" by Mihaela Michailov, directed and scenography by Bobi Pricop

4.      "The Break-in", after the novel "Armed Robbery" by Răzvan Petrescu, directed by Dragoș Alexandru Mușoiu, set design by arh. Andreea Simona Negrilă

5.      At the fifth edition, exceptionally, two projects were declared winners: "Explosive" by Elise Willk, directed by Andrei Măjeri, scenography Alexandra Panaite and "End", dramatization by Oana Hodade after Florin Lăzărescu's prose, directed by Leta Popescu, scenography Gloria Gagu.

6.      "The Other Country", based on Hertha Müller's novels, "Man is a Great Pheasant of the World" and "Journey in One Foot", dramatic script Alexandru Istudor, scenography Francesca-Antonia Cioancă

7.      "The Sand Monster" by Csaba Székely, directed by Irina Crăiță-Mândră, set design by Cezarina Iulia Popescu

8.      "White room" by Alexandra Badea, directed by Florin Caracala, scenography Ana Ienașcu

9.      "Playground" by Raul Coldea, directed by Raul Coldea, scenography Alexandra Budianu

10. "Where is my soul?", dramatization after texts by Marin Sorescu by Norbert Boda, directed by Norbert Boda, set and costumes by Ana Ruxandra Manole

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