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The November guest of the "SpectActor Meetings" is Ioan Cristescu, theater expert, director of the National Museum of Romanian Literature. Sunday, November 20, 11,oo, Ioan Cristescu will perform at the hall Ion D. Sîrbu the "Forgotten Theater" conference, followed by a dialogue with the audience present.

"SpectActor Meetings" is a far-reaching cultural event of the Marin Sorescu National Theatre, which debuted in 2010 (the first guest, Ion Caramitru).

Presented by Nicolae Coande.


Ioan Cristescu

Editor, university professor and author of several studies and books, Ioan Cristescu created a solid and real cultural community around the Museum of Romanian Literature in Bucharest, of which he is the director. He wrote Radu Stanca's dramaturgy (2011) and initiated numerous events, exhibitions, including the recent Culture live platform. He coordinates the Bucharest International Poetry Festival (FIPB), now in its 12th edition.

Published volumes: Radu Stanca's dramaturgy, MNLR Publishing House -2012, Romanian religious dramaturgy. From medieval European mysteries to Romanian achievements - Romanian Academy, MNLR Publishing House - 2017, Liturgical Drama - EIKON Publishing House - 2019, Forgotten Drama - Tracus Arte Publishing House - 2019.