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PoetMihai Firică meets poetry readers at the National Theater "Marin Sorescu", in the first event of the year scheduled at"Poets' Gathering". ="EN-GB">„Love with the scent of bitter almonds (Ed. Vinea, 2022).

Actors Monica Ardeleanu and Adrian Andone will recite poems from the volume. The writers Nicolae Coande and Xenia Negrea will present the book and the author.

Admission is free.

Mihai Firică's poetry has a restricted but dense theme, with an intense imagery. It is based on an imagistic, sometimes repetitive, expressiveness and a tense vision of existence. The writer is a disappointed person, one who can no longer find justification for life. Everything, love, knowledge, wisdom, is taken over by a hopeless unhappiness."

Paul Aretzu (România literară, nr. 3-4/2019)

Mihai Firică is a poet with his own voice and discourse, master not only of his own proud modus scrivendi, but also of a technique in the ancient meaning of the term on which he bets, it seems to me, a singular destiny. Verses with apophthegmatic charges testify to this, either along the lines of a horizontality with an hermetic substrate, or, as we anticipated, in oxymoronic forms, at a strictly lexical level or at the level of his entire lyrical score."

George Popescu (Argeș, nr 9/2018)


Mihai Firică was born on 26 July 1970 in Craiova.

 She studied Literature, History and Law, with a post-graduate specialisation in International Relations Management. He served as Secretary of State in the Ministry of Culture from 2020-2021.

He debuted as a poet in 1989, collaborating with the most important cultural publications in Romania. His poems have been translated into English, French, Spanish, Albanian, Serbian, Hungarian, Japanese and Bulgarian. The most recent volume of poetry translated into Spanish: "Anillos perdidos en océanos desconocidos" (NoteBook Poiesis en su Colección GreenLine – Bilingual, 2022, Chile).

He has been a member of the Romanian Writers' Union since 1997. For the volume of "Brief Biography" (1996) he received the "Mihai Eminescu" International Academy Award for debut in poetry. The second volume of poetry "The language of the traveling snake" (1997) received the "Marin Sorescu" Award and the Poetry Award of the Romanian Writers' Union - Craiova Branch. In 2017, Ed. Tracus Arte published the volume of poems "Ultimele zile si vieta de popu", and in 2022 a new volume of poems "Dragostea cu perfum de magdale amare" (Ed. Vinea).

In 2006, a revised version of the volume "The Tongue of Wandering Serpent" appeared in Romanian and English. The journalistic activity was recorded in the volumes "Insectarul cu molii" (2004), "Dinastia ticaloșilor" (2010) and "Romania puzzle. Illustrated from the kleptosaur reserve" (2015), a trilogy noted by specialized critics for the incisiveness and accuracy of the socio-political analysis. For his literary and journalistic activity, he was awarded several prestigious awards from Romania.

In 2011, the Royal House of Romania awarded him the "King Michael I Medal for Loyalty.