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40 years since the departure of the great actor Amza Pellea

Amza Pellea in the memories of his contemporaries

The years will pass, the actors will appear by the hundreds, by the thousands on the screens and on the stages, but no one, ever, will be able to replace Amza Pellea in the hearts of the Romanian people.

As the years go by, the void left by him will become more and more felt.

Amza is more than a great actor, whose palette ran from slapstick comedy to tragedy. He is a legend, a myth, one of the rare flowers that rose on Romanian soil.

Thanks to the cinema and television that preserved his shadow and echo, he is one of the monuments of this people. A national treasure.

He will always live in the minds and hearts of Romanians and, as time goes by, his statue will grow taller.

Radu Beligan

Rarely has everything that we consider our own -vigor, energy, love of life, measure, humor, irony, indomitable spirit and invincible robustness - been more perfectly embodied in a man than in Amza Pellea.

As an acting teacher (he graduated from the Institute years ago), Amza Pellea gave his students not only the example of a life devoted to art, but also that of direct collaboration, going on stage with young people, playing together with them. And all those who saw at the Theater Institute Studio in 1981/82 the youthful show "Entre etaje" by Dumitru Solomon directed by Ion Cojar, remember the warmth and friendship of the teacher who continued his lessons in front of the audience, pleading with sincere passion for the truth.

Ileana Berlogea

He was one of us in whom, from youth, both tears and laughter lived.

From Decebal to Ipu or Petrescu from Power and Truth - on the screen -, from Platonov to Hrisanides from "General Interest", what a diversity of types, how many lives thought and lived!

Silviu Stănculescu

Theater actor and film actor, deep in both jobs, covering everything with his gaze in a field of wheat or in a beautiful December snow, self-possessed, but tense and relentless with all that is false and rhetorical...

Amza Pellea represented in art one of the most beautiful poses of modern man, that of a worthy hero engaged in scrutinizing the future and building it, but especially that of a hero born from the grace of the earth and the people, a kind of Pepelea from which he kept for his own name only the abbreviation of Pellea, as a familiar diminutive.

There was rarely an actor who lived his success with such clarity and modesty. He knew how to look you straight in the eye, but also with an immense availability of soul, he knew how to keep quiet for a long time and respect the reply of his partners, he did not inconvenience anyone, he did not offend anyone, he always jumped to the aid of his friends and faithfully put himself at the service of any truth, however small it may have been.

Adrian Dohotaru

The film actor will be helped, in the fight against time, by the memory of the film. Above all material traces, the great artist will remain through the imperishable echo he had in his consciousness. And this echo will be in the case of Amza Pellea for a long time. Because in his soul echoed the belief that "the freedom of the artist is that of feeling indebted to his people". Faith which, served with devotion, gave him the chance of immortality.

Natalia Stancu

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