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The actor Mihai Gruia Sandu comes to the "SpectActor Meetings"

The guest of the National Theater "Marin Sorescu" at the "SpectActor Meetings" season 2023-2024 is Mihai Gruia Sandu, actor, university professor at the National University of Theater Arts and Cinematography "I. L. Caragiale".

Mr. Mihai Gruia Sandu will hold the conference "What is not seen in the theater" on Saturday, October 21, at 5:00 p.m.

Presented by Nicolae Coande.

The meeting takes place in the foyer of the theater.
Tickets are available at the theater agency.

The guest:

Mihai Gruia Sandu was born on October 12, 1956, Bucharest. University studies and BA in Acting, IATC, Bucharest, Romania (1986). He is the main shareholder and president of the non-profit Gruia Dell'Arte Foundation, collaborating actor of the Avangardia Theater, Bucharest, collaborating actor of the Metropolis Theater, Bucharest. He was a collaborating actor of the Podul, Șăndărică, Casandra, Bulandra, Teatrul Mic theaters. He performed numerous roles in shows directed by Liviu Ciulei, Cătălina Buzoianu, Mihai Mălaimare, Alexandru Tocilescu, Alexandru Darie, Valeriu Moisescu, Ion Caramitru, Ion Lucian, Marc Dore, Ricard Reguant, Mick Davies, etc. He acted in Romanian films and international productions directed by Malvina Urșianu, Constantin Vaeni, Alexandru Tatos, Sergiu Nicolaescu, Lucian Pintilie, Radu Gabrea, Nae Caranfil, Horațiu Mălăele, Stere Gulea, Nicolae Mărgineanu, Eric Styles, Michael Haneke, Mick Davies, Daniel Verhaeghe, Alexandru Solomon, etc. He collaborated with Romanian Television in successful productions (Arlechino, Professor Cicerone). He is a playwright and director of recent shows staged in theaters in Bucharest, Ploiești, Giurgiu, Turda. His perfectly pitched voice brings the popular show Teleenciclopedia into the homes of Romanians.

Awards, distinctions:

Debut Award - awarded by "Amfiteatru" Magazine for the best actor (1986); The grand prize for the best show "Bread Pocket" by Matei Vișniec, collective direction and supervised by Sanda Manu in the Romanian Comedy Festival fest-Co 7th edition (2009); UNITER Award for the best radio show for 2022 "The Nutcracker", artistic direction Diana Mihaipol (2023). He was awarded the Class III Merit for Education "for his selflessness and devotion to the service of Romanian education, for his special contribution to the development and promotion of scientific research in Romania" - awarded by the Presidency of Romania in 2004.

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