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Vlad Drăgulescu

Vlad Dragulescu

Roles in the current season

He directed


Director of the Artistic Creation and Research Department


Vlad Drăgulescu was born in Craiova in 1980.

In the period 2000-2006 he attended the courses of the Faculty of Agronomy - Specialization in Agriculture within the University of Craiova, for a period in parallel with those of the Faculty of Letters - Specialization in Acting (2003-2007) within the same university. He then followed the Master's Program in Intercultural Relations, which he graduated in 2008.

In the period 2006-2013, Vlad carried out an intense activity in the cultural field as President of the Association I.S. Drăgulescu, within which he initiated cultural and social-cultural projects, developed activity plans and budget forecasts, ensured the management of artistic productions and coordinated the fundraising activity, then following the implementation of the achievement of the proposed objectives.

Founder Teatrulescu Company

Founder of the Little Theater

Schools for schools

Theater tours everywhere

 Days of Chance

MAY Week Festival

 Coach and presenter of the Teatrulescu Theater Company's improv troupe



In the period 2007-2009, he capitalized on his pedagogical skills at the University of Craiova, where he worked as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Arts - Department of Arts.

Then followed a period of 4 years (2012-2016) in which he held the position of Manager of the "Oltenia" Philharmonic from Craiova and that of Director of Craiova International Music Festival.

Oltenia Philharmonic – Tour in the city

The Oltenia Philharmonic REdiscovers the city

The Oltenia Philharmonic goes to school

Workshops with unconventional tools;

The Oltenia Philharmonic in the key of F from the family

The musical detectives

Europe Season

Vivaldi Colours

Maria Tănase – Symphonic


In 2013-2014, as President of the Craiova European Capital of Culture 2021 Association, he developed cultural projects and strategies and coordinated the activities and events carried out within this programme.

Everyday Craiova through statues

Rediscover the city through street art

Your story is the story of your neighbourhood

Community Theatre Festival

Dance takes the street


within the Divan Film Festival ensured the coordination of the events held at Portul Cultural Cetate (2013-2014).

Later, starting in 2014, he worked as an activities coordinator within the International Shakespeare Festival organized by the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater and the Shakespeare Foundation, where between 2014 and 2016 he managed the communication activity with the artistic groups and on the coordination of events and performance spaces.

In 2014-2015 she curated the project Craiova Street art Installation -2014-2015 (5 murals in the city of Craiova)

Since November 2016, when he joined the management team of the Marin Sorescu National Theatre as Artistic Director, Vlad Drăgulescu has been involved in the elaboration, together with Emil Boroghină, of the artistic concept of the International Shakespeare Festival and has ensured its artistic direction.Since 2021, Vlad Drăgulescu also holds the position of Vice-President of the ESFN-European Shakespeare Festivals Network.

At the Marin Sorescu National Theatre, Vlad Drăgulescu has coordinated nationally and internationally acclaimed cultural projects such as the International Shakespeare Festival (2018, 2020-Home Edition, 2022), TNT-Theater Networking Talents (2017, 2018) and initiated participatory projects that have established new collaborations and partnerships with the independent artistic environment and the local community.

Urban Reaction

11plus1 - Independent/Contemporan

Shakespeare around the corner


Out of the books

Cultural Shuttle

TNC Gala

Craiova Cultural Community Gala


Vlad Drăgulescu is the initiator of the HEKTOMERON project – 100 days / 100 stories / 100 directors from 100 countries held in 2021 at the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater and awarded by UNITER for "the value of the original project".


Vlad Drăgulescu's acting and artistic creation portfolio is vast and includes roles and stage directions such as:

-Roles played-

- Vic - The Author, by Tim Crouch, directed by Bobi Pricop, T.N. Marin Sorescu Craiova;

- Arkadii Semionovici Garunskii - A Man and Several Women, by L. Zorin, Teatrulescu Company

- Giuseppe - Metamorphoses , own creation, Teatrulescu Company;

- Alex - NU de gat, by Mihai Ignat, Teatrulescu Company;

- The announcer - Inșir-te mărgărite, by Victor Eftimiu ,T.N. Marin Sorescu Craiova;

- Odysseus, Argos, Hermes, Alcinou - Homer's Odyssey , T.N. Marin Sorescu Craiova;

- Vlad - Fragile, after Lia Bugnar (The Snowman), Teatrulescu Company;

- Dumain, Lavatch - All's well that ends well, by William Shakespeare,

T.N. Marin Sorescu, Craiova

–   Voicu – de Gianina Cărbunariu, Compania Teatrulescu

- Drăgulescu - There is good, where we are not; directed by Raluca Păun, Teatrulescu Company.


-Direction, scenography and choreography –

- Best of Caragiale , direction, concept. T.N. Marin Sorescu, Craiova;

- Ciuf and Ciuf in space, direction, text, concept T.N. Marin Sorescu, Craiova;

- Why I'm leaving/ why I'm staying (installation performance) direction, scenography, video editing, music T.N. Marin Sorescu, Craiova;

- The Old Man and the Euthanasier, by Ionel Bușe, direction, scenography, video editing, music by T.N. Marin Sorescu, Craiova;

- Table of our powers, by Petre Barbu (semistaged) directed, scenography, video editing, music T.N. Marin Sorescu, Craiova;

- Not even the end of the world, by Andrei Ursu(semistaged) direction, scenography, video editing, music T.N. Marin Sorescu, Craiova;

- Crisze, by Mihai Ignat - for Teatrulescu Company;

- Marriage Request (direction and scenography) - by A.P. Chekhov, for Teatrulescu Company;

- All's well that ends well - by William Shakespeare, assistant director, director Tim Carrol, U.K. , T.N. Marin Sorescu, Craiova;

- Ara - for Teatrulescu Company (own creation);The Misunderstanding - by Albert Camus, for CompaTeatrulescu;

- The Odyssey - by Homer, assistant director, director : Tim Carroll , UK , T.N. Marin Sorescu, Craiova ;

- Metamorphoses (own creation) - for Teatrulescu Company;

- Not by the neck - by Mihai Ignat, for Teatrulescu Company;

- Where, Who, What - for Teatrulescu Company, own creation;

- "80% H2O" for Teatrulescu Company, own creation;

- I'll take the applause tomorrow - adaptation by Cătălin Băicuș for Teatrulescu Company, at T.N. Marin Sorescu, Craiova



His artistic work is appreciated by the professional theatre community.


Finalist Young Actor Gala - HOP, Mangalia 2007

Winner Young Actor Gala - HOP, Mangalia 2008, group section, with the performance Metamorphoses

Nominated for Best Director with the show The Misunderstanding, at InterStudio Pitesti 2009

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