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Goodbye, Nataşa Raab!

It is with great pain that we announce that Natașa Raab, one of the most beloved actresses of Romanian theater and film, has passed away.

A prominent personality of the Craiova cultural landscape, the actress Natașa Raab was gifted with overflowing energy, constantly showing her histrionic overflow in several areas of artistic interest, from theater, film and television roles, to audio album recordings, show presentations, tours and dozens of participations with the troupe of the Craiova National Theater at the great theater festivals of the world.
Endowed with a statuesque, charismatic, strong, very feminine and feminist beauty, but also humble, guided by an unwavering faith in a God who always loves and watches over her, with a notable artistic career, Natașa Raab was one of the standard actresses of the Craiova scene, being awarded over time with numerous awards and distinctions. From the UNITER award for debut, in 1989, with the role of Elena Andreevna, from the show "Uncle Vanea", by A.P. Chehov, directed by Mrcea Cornișteanu, until his ascension in the field of cinematography, most of the films in which he played were appreciated at the level international.
An electrifying appearance, a seductive appearance and a strong presence, Natașa Raab was one of the actresses loved by the camera: she was entrusted with the role of the mother in the film "From love with the best intentions" (directed by Adrian Sitaru, 2011, awarded at the Locarno International festival, Switzerland), but also the role of Dr. Olga Cerchez in the movie "The Child's Position" (directed by Călin Netzer, 2013, Golden Bear at the Berlinale in 2013). Admiring her in the role of Elena Andreevna, Valentin Silvestru, one of the harshest theater critics, wrote about Nataşa Raab: "tall, lithe actress, with elegant attire and a thoughtful face, of severe beauty, a tense attitude and a sure (…) The actress performed flawlessly, prominently, with extreme finesse and with a hint of mystery, the most interesting character of the show."

God rest her!

The funeral ceremony will take place on Wednesday, October 25, at the Ungureni Cemetery in Craiova.

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