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Public Information

1.1 Legislation on the organisation and functioning of the institution


1.2 Management


1.3 Rules of organisation and functioning


1.4 Organisation chart of the institution


1.5 . C.C.M.


1.6 Internal regulation


1.7 Career

Anunt rezultate probei interviu

Anunt rezultate probele scrise si practice

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Anunt Rezultate selectie dosare

Competition announcement - 12.11.2021

Announcement of competition results - 03.12.2021

Results announcement 08.12.2021

Results announcement 14.12.2021

Announcement promotion exams

Stage illuminist competition announcement

Notice of postponement of the tests

Practical test results announcement

Announcement of interview results

Announcement competition auditor and blower

Announcement of interview results

Written and practical test results

Results of the selection of applications for posts

Results of the competition for wind blowers and auditors

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Announcement results selection files

Written test results announcement

Interview results

Competition results announcement

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Results of the competition to fill posts

Interview results

Results of the selection of applications

Results of written and/or practical tests

Organisation and conduct of the analysis of the new management project of Mr Alexandru BOUREANU, manager of the "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre in Craiova, which obtained a mark of 9.86 in the final evaluation.

Project management analysis result

Management project support notice

Annex No 2 - Statement of functions

O.M.C. no. 3128_09.06.2021-approval regulation

Annex no. 3-approved budgets-2018-2020_compressed

TNMS invitation to submit new project

1- O.M.C. no. 3127_09.06.2021-approval of specifications_compressed

Proiect de Management 2021


1.8 Programmes and strategies

1.8.1 A new milestone for the rehabilitation of the Marin Sorescu National Theatre in Craiova

1.9 Reports and studies

1.9.1 Reporting

Activity reports

Activity report September - December 2021

• Activity report 2016 - 2021

Activity Report 2020

• Activity report 2019

Activity Report 2018

Activity Report 2017

Activity Report 2016


Audit report

• Audit Report 2019

• Audit Report 2018

• Audit Report 2017

Audit Report 2016

Evaluation report Law 544/2001

1.9.2 Studies


2.1 Applications


2.2 Public Interest Information Newsletter

Decision on the organisation and conduct of show business

2.3 Budget


Year 2020

• Revenue budget and expenditure approved for 2020
• Budget execution for 2020
• Balance sheet for 2020

Year 2019 

• Approved revenue and expenditure budget for the year 2019
• Budget Execution for 2019
• Balance year 2019

Year 2018

• Approved revenue and expenditure budget for the year 2018
• Budget Execution for 2018
• Balance year 2018

Year 2017

• Approved revenue and expenditure budget for the year 2017
• Budget Execution for 2017
• Balance 2017


2.5 Public procurement


2.6 Declarations of assets and interests


2.7 Status of salary entitlements and types of benefits


2.8 Standard forms