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Marius Oprea Vine La „Întâlnirile SpectActor”

Marius Oprea, expert archaeologist and founder of the archaeology of the victims of communism in Romania, will lecture in Craiova, within the project "SpectActor Meetings 2019".

Marius Oprea will hold on October 27, at 11.00, the conference “In search of the lost people. Archeology of the victims of communism in Romania ”- at the Ion D. Sîrbu hall of the Craiova National Theater.

The public from Craiova is invited to listen to a conference-synthesis of the 13 years of activity in the field of one of the most important contemporary historians, to identify the common or individual graves in which the victims of the Securitate were thrown, shot without any trial, and those who died in camps and penitentiaries - in Târgu Ocna, Aiud and Periprava.

Presented by Nicolae Coande.


MARIUS OPREA (b. 1964) is a historian and writer.

He founded the Institute for the Investigation of the Crimes of Communism in 2005, and was an adviser to President Emil Constantinescu and Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu on national security issues. He has a degree in history from the University of Bucharest, with specializations in archeology and middle Romanian history, and a doctorate in contemporary history of Romania (2002) from the same university, with the topic The role and evolution of the Security (1948-1964) . He has published numerous articles and papers on the history of the Romanian political police, which have appeared in the press or have been included in collections of studies and academic publications. He has published several history books; among others, Heirs of Security (2004); Zorba and the Cathedral (2006); Zacchaeus' true journey. V. Voiculescu and the mystery of the Burning Bush (2008, 2019). By the same author, the banality of evil appeared. A History of Document Security (1949-1989) (2002, Romanian Publishers Association Award for Best History Book of the Year); The day he never forgets. November 15, 1987, Brasov (in coll., 2002, 2017); Party security. PCR Personnel Service as Political Police (coord., 2002); The Face of Death: A Dialogue with Vladimir Bukovsky on the Nature of Communism (2006); The bastion of cruelty. A History of Security (1948-1964) (2008); Six Ways to Die (2009, Cultural Observatory magazine award); Arab Mafia from Ceausescu to Iliescu (2016) and Study Feasibility for Salvation. 101 stories about Romania (2019).

He published books of poetry (Pause of Breath, anthology-debut, together with Simona Popescu, Caius Dobrescu and Andrei Bodiu, 1991, Tambourine Solo, 1999, America! America! >, 2008, Meeting with the Apostle, 2012, The Recipe for Happiness , 2015) and two novels, Herd of the Silent Shepherd , (2016) and The incomparable history of the Eastern Romanian Empire (2017), the latter receiving the “Ion Hobana” award for SF literature. He also wrote the screenplays for two documentaries, directed by Nicolae Mărgineanu ( Execution and Four Ways to Die ), which reflect the main concern of the last decade and a half as an expert archaeologist and founder of the archeology of the victims of communism in Romania, namely that of identifying the remains of those who were killed by the Securitate or died in camps and penitentiaries.

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