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Corina Șuteu vine la “Întâlnirile SpectActor” – 2023
„Shattered/Spulberat” – expoziție Oana Maria Cajal la Teatrul Național „Marin Sorescu”
Romeo și Julieta de Cluj, o iubire care a devenit istorie
La plecarea Domnului George Banu – Prietenul Prințului
Mihai Firică – Adunarea Poeților 2023, T.N. Marin Sorescu
Zoltan Butuc cântă poezia la Naționalul craiovean
The national team from Craiova initiates the CULTURAL COMMUNITY GALA
Tudor Giurgiu is coming to "SpectActor Meetings" 2022 - "Marin Sorescu" National Theater
THE CHOICE - a play written by Their Majesties King Michael I and Queen Anne, is performed at Peleș Castle in Sinaia
The miracle of Panther Street
Ioan Cristescu comes to "SpectActor Meetings" 2022
Sergiu Cioiu returns to the Marin Sorescu National Theatre in Craiova
Marin Sorescu National Theatre launches the cultural-educational programme EDUCĂM ÎMPREUNĂ
Molière is dead! Long live Molière!
Sorin Leoveanu is Richard III, in the performance directed by László Bocsárdi at the National Theatre of Craiova
Marin Sorescu National Theatre Craiova - exhibition "The DUDUMAN Phenomenon through the cultural world of Oltenia"
Theatrical event: Molière 400
THE MISER by Molière – the first premiere of the season at the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater in Craiova
Marin Sorescu National Theatre will participate with two productions in the NFF - National Theatre Festival
Marin Sorescu National Theatre invited to the Meeting of National Theatres in Chisinau
Patrel Berceanu Literature Festival - 2nd edition
OEDIP REGE opens the 2022 / 2023 season at the National Theatre of Craiova
ACuTE – exploring new technologies in theatre
The rehabilitation of the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater building - a last procedural step achieved
Winning project of the 11th edition of the YOUNG DIRECTORS, YOUNG ROMANIAN SCENOGRAPHERS Competition
The 4th edition of the Young Directors Festival comes to an end
The Festival of Young Directors begins! July 5-9, 2022 // Craiova
Theater Networking Talents brings 14 young directors to the stage of the National Theater in Craiova
3 productions at the Sibiu International Theater Festival
Some of the most beautiful productions of the season, in June at the Craiova National Theatre
13 with luck. International Shakespeare Festival
Sorin Leoveanu is Richard III, in the new premiere of the Craiova National
Full programme of the International Shakespeare Festival 2022
🚍 CULTURAL SHUTTLES for the big shows of the Craiova International Shakespeare Festival 🚍
The International Shakespeare Festival begins, Craiova ● top edition ●
World Theatre Day at the National Theatre of Craiova
The Gathering of Poets "Love and War Story from the Deaf Country"
Open Call - TNT - 4th Edition
Marin Sorescu – about Nichita Stănescu
CULTURAL SHUTTLE #5 – Bucharest-Craiova-Bucharest – for the show WOMAN OF THE SEA by Henrik Ibsen directed by the acclaimed Ukrainian artist Andriy Zholdak
A new premiere in February at the National Theater Craiova: Men lie more, women better
CULTURAL SHUTTLE #4 – Bucharest – Craiova – Bucharest – for the dog and man production. dog without man signed by Radu Afrim at the Craiova National Theatre
Caragiale 170
Show cancellation
PREMIERE: #acedesiguranță, a show-installation designed to play on TikTok, but also in four theaters in the country
Cezar Ivănescu – Remembrance of Paradise
38 years since the departure of Amza Pellea
Marin Sorescu - 25 years since his departure
A new issue of SPECTACTOR magazine has appeared
Replacement show
Sorin Crișan, rector of the University of Arts in Târgu Mureș comes to the SpectActor Meetings
Claudiu KOMARTIN comes to the Poets' Assembly
LUCIAN MÎNDRUȚĂ, special guest-star in the RADIO show, at the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater in Craiova
THE MARATHON by Cristian Simionescu – reading performance
Two productions of the Craiova National in FNTa
Cancellation of the performance THE SNAKE OUTFIT, directed by Andrea Gavriliu
A new terminal for the start of the rehabilitation project of the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater in Craiova
"The Slaughter Game" by Eugène Ionesco premiered at the Craiove National Theatre
The first premiere of the season at the National
Information on access to performances
SpectActor – 15 years on the Romanian stage
The director CRISTI PUIU opens the Season of SpectACTOR Meetings, at the Craiova National Theatre
Book launch – Nicolae Coande, "Poet Hunter's Manual" & "Collection Novels" (a lyrical anthology)
The "Marin Sorescu" National Theater from Craiova resumes the CULTURAL SHUTTLE project with Radu Afrim's performance, HEART AND OTHER MEAT PREPARATIONS
The Summer Season in the TNC Garden
Open call – Theatre Networking Talents x „New Stages South-East”
UNITER Award for Best Performance
CONCURSUL de PROIECTE pentru TINERI REGIZORI și SCENOGRAFI ROMÂNI ediția a XI-a – Teatrul Național „Marin Sorescu” Craiova
Teatrul Național „Marin Sorescu” Craiova – Nominalizări la Premiile UNITER 2021
Raportul Ministerului Culturii
Premieră la Național Face to face
Maratonul vaccinării la Teatrul National „Marin Sorescu” Craiova
O nouă premieră la Teatrul Național „Marin Sorescu”
Marin Sorescu-85 LANSARE DE CARTE
PREMIERĂ la TNC – Cântăreața cheală vs. Momente și schițe
Trei premiere în luna mai la TNC
Marius Manole și Radu Afrim încheie seria celor 100 de episoade ale Hektomeron-ului
Anunț de interes public
Ziua Mondială a Teatrului sărbătorită la Teatrul Naţional “Marin Sorescu”
Anunț de interes public
Constantin Brancusi National Day at the Marin Sorescu National Theatre
"LAST" - book-event by Ion D. Sîrbu - launch at the National Theatre Craiova
Writers return to the theatre
Alice doesn't know how to die
National Culture Day - Poesis Theatre invites lovers of Eminescu's poetry to the first meeting in 2021
HEKTOMERON - 100 days. 100 stories. 100 countries
#teatruncasa at TVR Craiova
PREMIERE signed RADU AFRIM at the National Theatre "Marin Sorescu" Craiova
The First Poetry Theatre in Romania - Poesis Theatre
Spectator Rules
Preview at the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater in Craiova INCOGNITO, directed by Radu Iacoban
Summer Season in the TNC Garden, at the Marin Sorescu National Theatre
Out of the Books – Out of the City, lecturi în natură
Subscription cards and gift cards extend their validity
Royal Decoration NIHIL SINE DEO
Craiova's national team on anniversary!
Premieră la Naționalul craiovean: Outfitul Șearpelui, un spectacol de Andrea Gavriliu
Programul de joacă online 18 – 31 mai
Public program announcement 04 - 07 May 2020
Festivalul Internațional Shakespeare, home edition continuă până duminică, 3 mai
Anunț program cu publicul
International Shakespeare Festival, home edition
TNC Theatre Library - Purcărete Week
Online is great
Public program for the return of tickets
World Theatre Day 2020
TNC Theatre Library
Public Service Announcement
Divestment. Senses and instincts
Berlin bells and other sights
Winning project at the Young Directors and Set Designers competition
Cultural Shuttle
Athens by night – Nopți ateniene (Visul)
Book launch "Teatrul.ro 30. New names / Theatre.ro 30. New Entries"
Farewell, Europe!
Selecție 11 plus 1 Independent / Contemporan
Marius Oprea Vine La „Întâlnirile SpectActor”