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Selecție 11 plus 1 Independent / Contemporan

The performances selected for the third edition of the 11plus1 independent / contemporary programme, which will be presented at the Marin Sorescu National Theatre in the 19/20 season, are the following:

🔵 CAPTAIN RECLUSE, concept Gabriela and Cristian Fierbințeanu, co-production of PETEC Association, Bucharest
🔵 OST (Organic Sound Twist), concept and choreography Andrea Gavriliu // Lucian Blaga National Theater, Târgu Mureș
🔵 EQUIVALENT, concept and choreography George Pleșca // Bucharest
🔵 THE LAST DROP, concept and choreography Maria Luiza Dimulescu // Bucharest
🔵 NIHIL SINE DEO, choreography by Daniel Alexandru Dragomir // Contemporary Creative Dreamers, Bucharest
🔵 FARIDA, choreography by Blanka Macaveiu // András Lóránt Company, Târgu Mureș

🔵 153 SECONDS, directed by Ioana Păun // Bucharest
🔵 LA PLASTICATTA, concept Adonis Tanța // REACTOR of creation and experiment, Cluj-Napoca
🔵 SHE IS A GOOD BOY, concept and direction by Eugen Jebeleanu // ColectivA Cluj, Temps d'Images Festival, ERSTE Foundation
🔵 SEXODROM, directed by Bogdan Georgescu // Giuvlipen Theater Company, Bucharest
🔵 BALADELE MEMORIEI, a show by: Ionela Pop, Raul Coldea, Nicoleta Esinencu, Oana Hodade, Doru Taloș // REACTOR of creation and experiment, Cluj-Napoca
🔵 GLORIE, directed by Olivia Grecea // REACTOR of creation and experiment, Cluj-Napoca

Thank you all for your submissions and we encourage you to apply for the next call with this year's entries including.

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