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Conu Leonida facing the reaction

By: I. L. Caragiale,

Directed by: Diana Dragoş

Duration: 70 min

Set Design: Adriana Dinulescu

Genre of the show: comedy

Scenography Assistant: Flavia Varga

"Leonida and Efimitsa, lost and isolated from the world, in a reality that Sisyphus repeats (and the director chooses to repeat Caragiale's text, with almost identical movements), live far from the noises of the world, they recover their little habits, tics and habits for a lifetime, the inside is warm like a cocoon and everything that penetrates from "beyond" is terrifying. And the greatest fear is death, the Apocalypse. Based on this idea, the director will develop the story of the two, transferring all the comic-absurd load from the socio-political sphere to an area of personal darkness, where the all-haunting fear is the end of the world, the Last Judgment."
Monica Andronescu, Conu Leonida facing... Apocalypse, Yorick, June 13, 2011

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