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after Molière

Directed by: Andreea Ciocîrlan

Set Design: Lia Dogaru

Technical Direction: Cristi Petec

Prompter: Ramona Popa

Premiere date: 17 February 2018

Duration: 100 min

Cast:: Angel Rababoc, Raluca Păun, Eugen Titu, Iulia Colan, Claudiu Mihail , Constantin Cicort, Vlad Udrescu, Geni Macsim, Romaniţa Ionescu, Cătălin-Mihai Miculeasa, Cătălin Vieru, Robert Vladu

The cast also includes Robert Vladu

Genre of the show: Comedy


We live in a carnival world, bathed in light and... shadows that pass for reality. If we're not sure, we invent another festival. The show "Fête", through a collage of soft comedies, not only shows the vertigo of immediate and superficial joy, but also characters tainted by imposture and fascinating by their pressing actuality. Deceitful cheaters, lying lovers, obtuse sincere and other characters brought to light by the Molieresque genius who made the most extensive derangement of a society as full of brilliance but also as dragged down as that of its unique century. The kings themselves were his characters!


"The play of the two actresses, Raluca Păun and, especially, Iulia Colan, leads to the illustration of another, unexpected aspect of our society. We thus see, on stage, what can be seen everywhere in the city, those characters with a poor interior but with a strident exteriorization. Caricatural, at heart, this illustration makes you think. Their attitudes and their level of reference are mediated and they litter the space of social relations. They influence mentalities. The perversion of feelings and moral values, the behavioural butaphor, all this comes dressed up in a suite full of scenographic elements that are beautiful in their essence, but grotesque in their crowding and twistedness (...) The story is also stuffed with a comic episode on one of the subjects that is frequently used in a critical key, that of shopping. Constantin Cicort, in a game of Harpagon, comically handles the pecuniary aspect of the relationship with the two girls, the scene of cutting up the shopping card being rewarded with applause. (...) At the confluence of money and office, interlopers and decision-makers subordinate their extras to their own taste. This is the deep meaning of the show, which, keeping proportions, becomes tragic.

Marius Dobrin – Accentul circumflex, Revista SpectActor, nr. 1 (35) / 2018


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