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Men lie more, women lie better

Ion D. Sîrbu Hall

Collaborating actors

Text: Mihai Ispirescu

Art direction and musical illustration: Mircea Cornișteanu

Set Design:  Puiu Antemir

Video appearances: Adrian Andone, Monica Ardeleanu

Voices: Cristian Petec

Prompter: Anca Maria Ilinca

Duration of the show: 1h 17 min


A life story in which we can recognise our own experiences. An existence full of joys and unfulfillments, of more or less desired experiences, of moments of happiness or despair from which the heroine draws the conclusion expressed in the title of Mihai Ispirescu's play and puts it into practice. I don't know if this is good or bad, but very often it is.!” Mircea Cornișteanu


"There are moments in a woman's existence when she desperately seeks happiness. Maybe unfindable and due to fate, why not, but certainly to the greatest extent, due to her unstable character that continuously draws her into materially conditioned relationships, foreign to love. Because, in order to be fulfilled, a love is not enough to want it, to desire it, to look for it, possibly even to think that you have found it, but not to be able to keep it, because in fact, it is not a love , it's a simple interest, a hypocrisy. Guru, guru, chirp, chirp!
As in the present case, without the sincerity of feelings, any relationship, with or without flirtations, becomes stale, dry or tense, as there have always been and are so many, in which "men lie more, women better".
Events, games, lights and shadows of this truth, I was convinced that Cerasela Iosifescu, under the baton of the illustrious director Mircea Cornișteanu, can unravel them, can re-enact them with her known charm and mastery.
As an author, I can only thank them with honor, as I'm sure you, as viewers, will too. Vivat!"
Mihai Ispirescu


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