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Operation Mars

by Alexa Băcanu

Directed by: Dragoş Alexandru Muşoiu

Set Design: Iuliana Vîlsan

Music: Cári Tibor

Video concept: Iuliana Vîlsan

Video production: KOTKI visuals

Technical Direction: Sorin Gruia

Prompter: Ramona Popa

Premiere date: 2019 September 18

Duration: 140 min with break

Genre of the show:  Tragi-Comedie

*show recommended for audiences over 16 years old

Warning. The show contains strobe lights

Cast:: Iulia Colan, Vlad Udrescu, Adrian  Andone, Cătălin Vieru, Claudiu Mihail, Ștefan Cepoi, Dragoș Măceșanu, Ioana Manciu, Ramona Drăgulescu, Raluca Păun, Alina Mangra, Iulia Lazăr, Tamara Popescu, Monica Ardeleanu, Marian Politic (vocea din off).


In 2013, a European company put out a call for potential Mars colonisers, selected 100 candidates and began testing and preparing them for the mission, which is scheduled for 2024.
The show focuses on the final stages of this selection process, starting from the point where the last 12 candidates compete for one of the four available places on this one-way trip.
It all takes the form of a reality show in which aspiring astronauts become atypical stars and every detail of their lives comes under the microscope of public interest.


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