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by Eric Bogosian

Directed by: Bobi Pricop

Translation: Silvia Năstasie

Set Design: Nikola Toromanov

Live music:  Eduard Gabia

Producer:  Claudia Gorun

Technical Direction: Sorin Gruia

Prompter: Adrian Țîrcă

Premiere date: 14 December 2019

Duration: 120 min without break

Genre of the show: Drama

Cast:: Sorin Leoveanu, Cătălin Vieru, Claudiu Mihail, Romaniţa Ionescu, Angel Rababoc, Gabriela Baciu, Marian Politic, Vlad Udrescu, Ștefan Cepoi, Tamara Popescu, Cătălin-Mihai Miculeasa, Alina Mangra, Dragoș Măceșanu, Geni Macsim, Ramona Drăgulescu, Iulia Colan, Constantin Cicort/ Nicolae Vicol, Eduard Gabia


In 1980s America, radio was the most important platform for free speech. TV broadcasts had some pretty strict rules, but FM could become the playground for the boldest and most unpopular opinions, the stage for the 15 minutes of fame, the community of everyone who wanted to be heard, the soundspace where no one felt alone.

American playwright Eric Bogosian chooses just such a frequency for his play, an unconventional radio station where anyone with something to say can go live to the nation. As the master of ceremonies of this small world, where everyone wants to speak their truth, he puts Barry Champlain (Sorin Leoveanu), the controversial host of Night Talk, in charge. And the show of a confused nation's voices can begin.

"Radio" is about the need for each of us to be the voice of our world. Using the technology at our disposal, we seek to tell others about ourselves, about our fears, anxieties, discoveries, emotions, curiosities, expectations or unfulfillments. Hoping that, on the other end of our confessions, there will be someone who feels the same way.

Partner: Radio România Oltenia Craiova

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