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Sand birds

"Atelier (Pictură)" Hall

Text Cristi Nedelcu

Set design Lia Dogaru

Video concept Florin Constantinescu

Delegated manufacturer: Claudia Gorun

Photo credit: Cristian Floriganță, Florin Chirea

Technical Direction:: Mihai Manea / Cristian Petec

Lights: Ovidiu Mustață, Ștefăniță Rezeanu

Sound operator: George Udrea / Emy Guran

Operator video: Florin Chirea/Orlando Edward

Makeup: Minela Popa, Mihaela Guran

Premiere date: 6 octombrie 2023

Duration of the show: 75 minute


A cop who chooses to break one of the basic rules of his job. A professional accomplice fuels his indecision. Without realizing it, reality is no longer what it seems. How can his daughter be lured by the very individuals he is supposed to protect her from, according to the "job description"? Seemingly minor conflicts gradually degenerate until more lives are destroyed. The one who seduces and exploits her is a young dreamer - like her. The dream breaks - destroyed lives can only be recovered in memory.


Author's word

"The text Sand birds is my second foray into the universe of parent-adolescent relationships, after Paso Doble. I think it is one of the important problems of today's society. And not only from today. Ultimately, Romeo and Juliet is also a play about the relationship between young people and their parents. Somehow, it's still a mystery to me how the rebellious teenagers of yesterday turn into the parents who don't get along with the rebellious teenagers of today. And these problems, which, I know, have been around since time immemorial, overlap, or better said, intertwine with the forces of today's society."

Sand birds it is not just a text about human trafficking and how one ends up in this mixer of lives and destinies. It is also an attempt to put a mirror in front of today's society." (Cristi Nedelcu)


Director's word

"The project started as a proposal by the playwright Cristi Nedelcu, and with this text we actually initiated a project to signal public opinion regarding a phenomenon often encountered in Romanian society - the trafficking of live meat. This project has also been submitted to the Ministry of the Interior and the National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons, and we hope that after this premiere, in partnership with these competent bodies, with the Ministry of Education and the School Inspectorates, we will carry out a public awareness and awareness campaign on this phenomenon very widespread in Romania, the trafficking of both girls and young boys, who are taken for exploitation abroad.

The show is designed not only for the presentation to the theater audience, but aims at a discussion with the teenagers at the end of the show about the subject of the text, about this phenomenon so harmful to the Romanian society and not only, in general, the Balkan society.

We wanted to make a clean show from an artistic point of view because its main purpose is the alarm signal imposed by the text of the writer Cristi Nedelcu.  Sandbirds must be seen, assimilated by the public and then promoted in the defense of these ladies and why not gentlemen who are at risk of being trafficked by those interested in profiting from following some naiveties."

Alexandru Boureanu


Cristi Nedelcu (b. 1969) writer, journalist and blogger.

He debuted in 1992 in the magazine "Dilema" and collaborated with several literary magazines - ”Dilema”, ”Romanian Writing", "Mosaic". At the same time, he was active in print media and television.

In 2001, in Târgoviște, he won the 2nd prize at the National Literature Competition for the play "Which side of the bars?"

He made his editorial debut in 2006 with the bilingual volume "Notes on Shakespeare/ Essays on

Shakespeare”, launched during the 5th edition of the International Shakespeare Festival. Also in 2006 he published the volume "The Canon of the Marginal", book presented in the framework of the II edition of the International Conference of Antropoest Anthropology in Craiova. In the same year he received the award ”Tiberiu Iliescu” of the magazine "The Mosaic".

In 2008 he published the theater volume "Bad news", and in 2013 the book "The whole world is a stage/the whole world is a show. Cultural paradigms of societies".

In 2016, he obtained the title of doctor in philology with a thesis "Semiotics of the bank", work published this year by the Junimea publishing house.

In 2020 he published the volume of short prose ”Graffiti” and the romanian "Cemetery of Roses". The novel received the special award of the Craiova branch of the Writers' Union.

He has plays staged at the Anton Pann Theater in Râmnicu Vâlcea (”Paso Doble”) and the Tony Bulandra Theater in Târgoviște ("The Old Man, the Girl and the Library").

He is a member of the Romanian Writers' Union and PEN Club Romania.

Writes on the blog Graffiti pe nori -

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