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By: Moliere,

Directed by: Kincses Elemer

Duration: 130 min

Set Design: Klara Labancz

Scenic Version: Mirela Cioabă

Genre of the show: comedy

Technical direction: George Dulămea

"Tartuffe, as the director's doubt sounds, is not a 'devil' to the end, he does not remain consistently the promoter of a style, he does not seek to subjugate through refinement. His targets, the members of Orgon's family, seem to be too little attracted by their own appearance, they do not enter into the game of seduction... Molière's message still crosses the stage, towards the spectators. Valentin Mihali plays a dynamic role in a simple key. And he treats situations in a different way, recalling the role of Angelo, a caliber role in 'Measure for measure'. Tartuffe remains somewhere in the middle between the drama of conscience in Silviu Purcărete's show and the waste of ingenuity or the sparkle of spirit that is in his nature."

Marius Dobrin, SpectActor magazine, Craiova, no. 3/2011


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