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Viva La Vulva!

Lyrics: Marius Aldea

Concept, Direction and Choreography: Andrea Gavriliu

Set design: Andreea Săndulescu

Music: Mihai Dobre

Technical direction: Cristian Petec / Sorin Gruia

Master of lights: Dodu Ispas

Sound: Emy Guran / George Udrea

Lights: Vilică Ruiu / Ștefăniță Rezeanu

The voice of the spider: Matei Rotaru

Prompter: Anca Maria Ilinca

Cast:: Ramona Drăgulescu, Romanița Ionescu, Raluca Păun, Costinela Ungureanu, Petronela Zurba, Irina Danciu

Premiere date: 2021, April 24

Duration of the show: 53 min

The production is part of the 6 short shows

**Show with licentious language, forbidden for people under 18 years old


"VIVA LA VULVA!" is a choreographic poem in which six women give voice, in reverse chronological order, to the stages their bodies go through throughout their lives. The lyrics speak plainly about the "shameful" things that happen in our bodies and present them as a normality to be celebrated. Beyond their subversive sincerity, Marius Aldea's lyrics can be seen as a libretto for Mihai Dobre's music. The sound universe of the performance, the bodies of the six actresses and their movements synchronize and complement each other with the set-installation, created by Andreea Săndulescu.

"LONG LIVE THE VULVA!" it's a show with a subject that's still uncomfortable for a lot of people. My goal is to present things as they are, but in a plastic, expressive, dynamic manner. The bet is to "dress up" the frankness of menstruation, childbirth, menopause in glitter. We all like kitsch...

Andrea Gavriliu


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