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Where is my soul?

Ion D. Sîrbu Hall

The dramatic scenario Norbert Boda

According to texts by Marin Sorescu

Directed by: Norbert Boda

Decor and costumes: Ana Ruxandra Manole

Video mapping / video animation: Dana Petre

Soundtrack: Radu Dogaru

Assistant Directors: Cristina Albișoru

Photo credit: Cristian Floriganță, Florin Chirea, Albert Dobrin

Technical direction: Cristian Petec

Prompter: Anca Maria Ilinca

Premiere date: 19 December 2020

Duration: 60 min.

*The show is part of the Minimal Program – the RO-Playwright Program, the New and Again New Project.

*Winning project at the 2019 YOUNG ROMANIAN DIRECTORS AND SCENOGRAPHERS competition

*Show recommended for people over 14 years old


When an innocent woman is left without a soul, an investigator combs her past to find the man who stole her soul. He finds five suspects and locks them in an identification room, where they are interrogated. The characters, trying to unravel this mystery, discover a tragedy that will change them forever. We follow a poetic detective story in which a lost soul, lost in existence, faces death.

The dramatic scenario is built from a conglomerate of poems that Marin Sorescu wrote throughout his career. The performance has a comic and dynamic, but also philosophical, character, representative of Marin Sorescu's writings, which debate aspects of the difficult relationship between man and death.

Norbert Boda

Norbert Boda studied acting and master's degree in directing at the Faculty of Theatre and Film in Cluj-Napoca and has directed performances to date: The Loneliness of Stones by Flavius Lucăcel / Unteatru, Bucharest; Hai că nu e Cernobîl by Norbert Boda / Municipal Theatre, Baia Mare; O Viață Normală by Norbert Boda / Faculty of Theatre and Film and #Reactorul de creație e experiment, Cluj-Napoca; Suicidal after texts by Luigi Pirandello / Municipal Theatre, Baia Mare; Banda by Stephen Belber / #Reactor of Creation and Experiment, Cluj-Napoca; The Girl in the Machine by Stef Smith / Anton Pann Theatre, Râmnicu-Vâlcea; Paper Airplanes after Elise Wilk / Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca. In 2019 he won the best actor award at the Hop Gala.


"Norbert Boda's overflowing originality translates here into a creative embrace of poems that manage to dialogue with each other and create places for the characters in the rambling lines in a story where nothing is accidental. (…) Everything in black and white - because color no longer finds its place in the space after life - and with projections that give dynamism to a modest stage setting, where fireworks are pointless. For death needs no decorations." (Anda Simion, Life, death and Sorescu in a performance by Norbert Boda, Scrisul Românesc magazine, no. 2 / February 2021, page 23)


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