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„Amza Pellea” Hall



Artistic direction and script: Horațiu-Ioan Apan

Set design: Mihai Relian Vălu

Set design assistant: Florin Ularu

Composer: Peter Venczel

Cast:: Oana Marinescu (Cenușăreasa), Vlad Cătălin Rădulea (Prințul), Simona Urs (Mama vitregă), Valentina Enache (Agripina Georgiana), Monica Sfetcu (Agata), Monica Ciobăniuc Brehuță (Zâna bună), Ion Alexandrescu (Regele), Vlad Cristian Fiu (Bufonul Trombon)

Spectacol duration: 1h

Production of Elvira Godeanu Dramatic Theatre Târgu JIu

From time to time it's good to open the storybooks. And to read or, why not, re-read a story to our children or grandchildren or perhaps even to ourselves.
With our show "Cinderella" we aim to do just that: to open a huge book with the story of a sweet and gentle girl who wants to meet the prince of her dreams. With the help of her fairy godmother, Cinderella, despite all obstacles, manages to fulfil her dream.
So, we invite you all, young and old, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, to open the Cinderella book together and, through the characters created by the actors, the fairy-tale scenography and the fairy-tale music, to share the joy of innocence.
This is how we learn that with a pure soul, if we want it very badly, with or without magic, our dreams can come true.


This show is currently not available.