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The first guest of the "SpectActor 2023" Meetings is Corina Șuteu, theatreologist, cultural manager, Minister of Culture (2016-2017), director of the ICR New York (2006-2012).

On Sunday 12 February, at 11:00, she will give a lecture entitled "When Culture is on the Edge..." followed by a dialogue with the audience.

Presented by Nicolae Coande.

"Always seemingly central to politicians' speeches, culture is, in reality, an area neglected by governments, becoming either a pure electoral propaganda tool or an 'ashtray' of those who decide for resources.

This conference will explain why an innovative way of looking at culture as an integral and essential part of the economic process could bring about an important change for the better in the contexts in which we live today."


Theatre critic and director of UNITER and Theatrum Mundi in the early 1990s, director of the Master in Cultural Management at the Dijon School of Commerce and founder of the ECUMEST programme, director of the ICR New York and Minister of Culture in the technocrat government, former president of the European Forum of Cultural Networks of the Council of Europe and EUNIC NY, expert in cultural management and policies, producer and president of the Making Waves (NY) and fARAD (Arad) festivals, educator and author of articles, reports and specialized publications in Romania and abroad, creator and curator of the Insula 42 space, bi-monthly author of the Insula 42 Thoughts in the "22" Magazine, Corina Șuteu is a specialist in culture seen from a transversal and multidimensional perspective.

A publicat în 2006 volumul "Another brick in the wall. O analiză critică a educației în domeniul managementului cultural în Europa" (Fundația Boekman, Amsterdam, 2006).

Alături de Mihai Pop, a co-editat albumul “Adrian Ghenie – Darwin’s room”, apărut în colecția Albume de artă la editura Humanitas, 2015.


This show is currently not available.