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„I.D Sîrbu” Hall

by: Arcadie Rusu

Choreography: Arcadie Rusu Music: Alexandru Suciu Costumes: Yasmin Asan

Interpreters: Bajkó László, Balázs Judith, Deák Zoltán, Nagy Eszter, Polgár Emília, Szekrényes László

The show is part of the project Showcase M Studio  and is co-funded by Administrația Fondului Cultural Național (AFCN) and Fondul Bethlen Gábor


Are you in high school? Or maybe it's been many years since you last walked the halls of your school and sang Gaudeamus Igitur wearing your graduation cap.
We all have memories of school. I invite you to do a memory exercise: What was your first day at school like? What about your last? Take your time, take a few moments...
The show "The Lesson" sketches moments from school life: funny situations, stressful ones, beautiful memories and those that troubled us... teachers who inspired us and those who inhibited us. An amalgam of emotions and happenings.
I invite you to put on your uniform and take part in a tutoring session (but not for the BAC) where you can let yourself be carried into the universe of the School and relive its atmosphere. To remember the squeak of chalk on the blackboard and the thrill of being lifted to your feet to say the lesson, to greet the shy colleague in the last pew who gives you a flower, to get ready for sports class when team spirit is at its peak, and then to put on your chemistry gown and try an experiment.

The doorbell rang! Please take your seats...


"And I've noticed something else - often, instead of nurturing connections between students, egos develop. It's much harder to form a group than it is to form individuals. But I don't think it's just the faculty. I taught for two years as a visiting professor in the MFA in Acting program, and there were times when less than half the students came to class. Who is to blame in such a situation? When you're a student, you have to assume that if you get into other projects, you're not going to have time for faculty."

Daria Ancuța: https://www.dissolvedmagazine.com/cred-ca-noi-in-facultate-nu-avem-nevoie- de-profesori-ci-de-mentori-un-interviu-cu-arcadie- rusu/?fbclid=IwAR1OWaq6A8U5HdRi71l5FWNq64yWEpWzpO8yoX6NIJcGTsK-bQRy5KzuM_o

"Now dance is lumped in with other cultural areas, which is totally wrong. Dance has kind of been missing from the cultural landscape and now our generation is not only trying to build something, but somehow trying to catch up with the past.


I was most interested in the moment when I began to realize that I could create a choreography without using movements to musical measures, but using the body as a concrete material of expression. You can awaken in the spectator a different kind of consciousness, and here I mean the intelligence of the body. And another thing that attracted me a lot to dance is how you can become a better driver of this machine, how you can discover the possibilities of driving it from small gestures. You start from moving a finger and including a clap, maybe an elbow, while experiencing everything that happens to you. It's interesting how the dance reaches further to the viewer telepathically, in that I'm not showing him, I'm living what I'm doing, and he connects very quickly to it all."

Iris Opriș: https://www.scena9.ro/article/interviu-arcadie-rusu-linotip