Richard 3rd

„Amza Pellea” Hall

by William Shakespeare

Director: László Bocsárdi

Translation and dramaturgy : Crista Bîlciu

Decor: Bartha József

Costumes: Kiss Zsuzsanna

Sound design: Bocsárdi Magor

Lightdesign: Bányai Tamás

Video: Rancz András

Stage movement: Bezsán Noémi

Delegated manufacturer: Claudia Gorun

Cast:: Richard III - Sorin Leoveanu, Edward IV - Dan Rădulescu, Regina Margaret - Dan Rădulescu, Buckingham - Vlad Udrescu, Regina Elizabeth - Iulia Colan, Stanley - Cosmin Rădescu, Hastings - Adrian Andone, Ducesa (mama lui Richard) - Mirela Cioabă, Lady Ann - Teodora Bălan, Ucigaș 1 - Mirela Cioabă, Ucigaș 2 - Raluca Păun, Prințul - Iulia Lazăr, York – Raluca Păun, Rivers - Angel Rababoc, Grey - Petri Ștefănescu, Catesby - Dragoș Măceșanu, Clarence - Marian Politic, Primar - Marian Politic, Ratcliff - Ștefan Cepoi, Tyrel - Nicolae Vicol, Mesager – student Ovidiu Carstea (Dodo), Figurație: Cadavru Henry, însoțitor, primar – student Robert Vladu, doi, preoți care însoțesc pe Richard – student Ovidiu Carstea (Dodo), student Mihai Alexandru Purcaru, Cetățeni: Elena Ianichi, Roxana Mutu, Irina Danciu, Ioana Andone, Andreea Boldeanu, Claudia Dinu, Gloria Mihail, Mircea Mogoșeanu, Andrei Stanciu

În alte roluri: Iulian Grecu, Costinel Uncheșelu, Eduard Sărăcin, Monica Dragomir, Nicu Costinel, Costel Miu, Constantin Ciuică

Duration of the show: 2h 35 min (without break)


"Richard III is a mythological character, he lives in our soul like Falstaff, Hamlet - and the other immortals. This hallucinatory character is a horror comedian of history. An elemental player. In a world that can no longer be morally construed, a thoughtful creature decides to become 'a villain'. But let's be honest: in making this decision he displays an extraordinary freedom that makes us dizzy, because he has fulfilled our hope that man is capable of anything, that he is self-empowered. We are all guilty and at the same time innocent. What decision can we make in this situation? Richard is a villain to the core, so he is the only truly modern man." - László Bocsárdi

About the director

Bocsárdi László is a Romanian theatre director and director of the Tamási Áron Theatre in Sfântu Gheorghe, director of the Reflex International Theatre Festival, founder of the experimental theatre company Figura Stúdió in Gheorgheni. He graduated from the Academy of Theatre Arts in Targu Mures, in the class of Professor Tompa Gabor, in 1995. He has collaborated with most of the major theatres in the country, as well as with major theatres in Hungary. He has received numerous awards: the Jaszai Mari Prize for Artistic Activity, awarded by the Hungarian Ministry of Culture, 2003; the National Award for Directing of the Romanian Ministry of Culture for Romeo and Juliet, 2003; the UNITER Award for directing Caligula at the Marin Sorescu National Theatre in Craiova, 2012; the UNITER Award for directing Hamlet, Tamasi Aron Theatre, Sfantu Gheorghe, 2014; the UNITER Award for Best Performance of Our Class, at the National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca, 2015.


This show is currently not available.