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"Atelier (Pictură)" Hall

By A. P. Cehov

Text: adaptare colectivă

Artistic direction: Florin CARACALA

Assistant Directors: Cătălina VÎNĂTORU

Technical direction: Cristian PETEC

Master of lights: Dodu ISPAS

Sound: George UDREA

Lights: Ovidiu MUSTAȚĂ, Marian TUDORACHE,  Ștefăniță REZEANU

The cast also includes: Mihai Alexandru, Cătălin Blendea, Vlad Burdușel, Ovidiu Cârstea, Irina Danciu, Alexandra Mihalcea, Roxana Mutu, Cristian Petec, Delia Toader, Mihai Valentin Viță, Iarina Zidaru

Duration: 80 min. without break

*performance realized in partnership with the Department of Arts / University of Craiova


"Treplev is looking for new forms in theatre. Treplev is in love with Nina, the neighbour from his uncle Sorin's estate. Masha, the daughter of Sorin's estate manager, loves Treplev. Masha is in love with Medvedenko, the village teacher. Arkadina, Treplev's mother, a famous actress, is in love with Trigorin, a famous writer. Trigorin falls in love with Nina. Polina Andreevna, the mother of Masha, wife of Samraev, Sorin's estate manager, is in love with Dorn, the village doctor. Shamraev feels closer to horses than to people. Nina falls in love with Trigorin. Treplev is at odds with his mother, Arkadina, and with Trigorin, Arkadina's lover. Nina goes after Trigorin in Moscow. Sorin is ill... and so on...

Based on Anton Pavlovich Chekhov's well-known comedy The Seagull, the show is an iconic ironization of the Chekhovian universe.

The actors try to explain the emotional journey of the Chekhovian characters with detachment and humour. During the 80 minutes, intense feelings are revealed in which the actors become confused with Chekhov's characters, thus generating a unique approach to a perennial text.

The result is a performance in which the actors - students of the third year of the Actor's Art specialization at the Department of Arts / University of Craiova - use Chekhov's text as an opportunity to play with theatrical means and experiment, against realism, a staging (in verse) of an emblematic text.

Just as Treplev (the main character of the Chekhovian text) seeks new forms of theatre in 1896, so do the actors seek to express a new approach to a classic text in 2020."

Florin Caracala


This show is currently not available.