"Atelier (Pictură)" Hall

Artistic direction: Alexandru Boureanu

Assistant Director: Nicolae Vicol & Cătălina Vînătoru

Text: Gordon Dryland

Scenic adaptation text and scenic movement: Raluca Păun

Set design: Vanessa Beca

Technical direction: Sorin Gruia/ Cristi Petec

Master of lights: Dodu Ispas

Blower: Ramona Popa

Duration of the show: 115 min

Premiere date: 18 December 2020


While for more than forty years Amelia and her eldest son Arthur have lived in their own universe, the twins' intrusion destabilises the family balance. This unusual double visit - the twins usually come separately - succeeds in arousing the suspicions of the mother, who suspects that there must be an interest at stake. She expresses this concern without the eldest son paying much attention.


This show is currently not available.