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The national team from Craiova initiates the CULTURAL COMMUNITY GALA

The end of 2022 brought with it a brief assessment of the years that passed perhaps too quickly, in the sanitary maelstrom that started in March 2020.

Despite the pandemic that silenced the whole world, the Craiova National managed to build a multitude of relevant projects for the local community, for the theater guild, for artists.

The last three years have positioned the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater in Craiova as the initiator of programs that require new means of communication and artistic expression, so necessary in periods marked by social disasters and situations in which the life and health of mankind are put to the test .

Like the Craiova National, the other cultural institutions in the Municipality of Craiova have carried out relevant projects and events in the local and national community: Opera Română Craiova, Theatre for children and youth Colibri Craiova, Filarmonica Oltenia, TRADEM - House of Culture "Traian Demetrescu" Craiova, Folk Ensemble "Maria Tănase" Craiova, Art Museum Craiova, Oltenia Museum Craiova, County Library "Alexandru and Aristia Aman" Dolj and County Center for the Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Dolj.

Therefore, the National Craiovean considered this end of the year a good opportunity to be with all Craiove cultural institutions, in a gala that will celebrate the professional successes of all nine cultural institutions. Independent artists are also a relevant part of the cultural identity of a city that aims for sustainable development in the wider spiritual sphere.

Also, the CULTURAL COMMUNITY GALA is a good opportunity to weld a strong community around Craiova's cultural institutions.

The event will take place on Thursday, December 15, 2022, at 19:00, on the stage of the "Amza Pellea" Hall of the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater.

It promises to be a special evening, dedicated not only to the cultural environment, but also to all those who contributed to the implementation of the projects of the "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre, representatives of the private sector, collaborators and partner institutions.

Institutions participating in the CULTURAL COMMUNITY GALA, together with the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater from Craiova

  1. Romanian Opera Craiova
  2. Theatre for children and youth"Colibri" Craiova
  3. Oltenia Philharmonic
  4. TRADEM – House of Culture "Traian Demetrescu" Craiova
  5. "Maria Tănase" Folk Ensemble Craiova
  6. Craiova Art Museum
  7. Museum of Oltenia Craiova
  8. "Alexandru and Aristia Aman" County Library Dolj
  9. County Center for the Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Dolj




The "Marin Sorescu" National Theater in Craiova is one of the most important theaters in the country, with a tradition of over 170 years and a prestigious international activity whose long and rich history culminated with the legendary performances of Silviu Purcărete, presented in the most important theater festivals around the world, but also with the immense international success of the Shakespeare Festival, which brings to Romania performances from five continents, every two years.

Now, with a contemporary vision, the theatre addresses present and future perspectives, addressing an increasingly broad spectrum of audiences in line with current challenges.

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