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Marin Sorescu Days at Craiova National Theatre

On February 27 and 28, 2023, the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater organizes Marin Sorescu Days, in the desire to pay tribute to one of the most original European playwrights, a figure of first rank of Romanian literature.

On February, starting at 19:00, on the stage of the "Amza Pellea" Hall, the performance "Paracliserul" by Marin Sorescu will take place, performed and directed by to Claudiu Bleonț, scenography by Andrade Chiriac. The show premiered at the end of last year and is a production of the Lucian Blag National Theater in Cluj-Napoca.

On Tuesday, February 28, at 5:00 p.m., in the Ion D. Sîrbu Hall, there will be a video screening of the performance IONA (2016) by Marin Sorescu starring the great Ilie Gheorghe, a famous actor of the Romanian theater and film. After the premiere of the monodrama in the 1994-1995 season, Sorescu declared: "I am an old admirer of the actor Ilie Gheorghe. In Iona he gave an extraordinary performance. I think it's the most beautiful show with Iona that has been made so far."

About Ilie Gheorghe, the actor whose career was intertwined with the artistic path of the Craiova National between the years 1960-2018, the renowned critic Victor Parhon wrote in Teatrul Azi Magazine: "It is well known that any role it would be entrusted to Ilie Gheorghe, the exceptional actor from Craiova is able, through the strength of his artistic personality, to bring it to an honorable end. Of course, when he doesn't do it brilliantly, as we are used to. Enthusiastic, therefore, for those who know him, Ilie Gheorghe's initiative to create on stage the character of Iona from Marin Sorescu's play of the same name".

Also on February 28, at 18:00, on the Youtube page of the Craiova National Theatre, will be broadcast the recording of the performance "Paracliserul" directed and performed by Valeriu Dogaru, scenography by Lia Dogaru, which premiered in the 1998-1999 season.

In 2005, the National Theater in Craiova was named after Marin Sorescu, a prominent personality of Romanian literature, born in Oltenia and close to the Craiova theatre. Since then, seven of the writer's dramatic texts have been staged in Craiova, for the first time in the country, and in 2020 the premiere of the show "Where is my soul?" took place. Directed by Norbert Boda, the winning project of the YOUNG ROMANIAN DIRECTORS AND SCENEGRAPHERS competition, Craiova, 2019 edition, is based on a dramatic scenario built from the poems of Marin Sorescu. The show is in the repertoire of the current season of our theater and is scheduled for March 16, 2023.

Marin Sorescu's work has been evoked in recent years in several events organized by the National Theater in Craiova. Among these we mention: "Pluta Meduzei", performance-reading 2019, "The Bells of Berlin and other views", performance-reading 2020, Sorescu-85 book-event release: "Cousin Shakespeare" (Ed. Hoffman, 2020), the first English translation of the play "Vărul Shakespeare", by Lidia Vianu & Adam Sorkin (USA).

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