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Urban reaction

Urban Reaction is a community theatre project initiated by the National Theatre "Marin Sorescu" in 2017, created especially for the community, a unique opportunity for people from all walks of life, pupils, students, pensioners to get to know a theatre production from a perspective other than that of a spectator.

This project represents the collective creation of the inhabitants of the city together with the professionals of the National Theatre and discusses the ideas, thoughts, needs, expectations or desires that people have as members of a community: pupils, students, parents, elderly people, immigrants, minorities, citizens of Craiova, with the aim of creating a theatrical production. In addition to the cultural contribution, the project aims to create a space for debate, presentation and reaction to the problems faced by the people of Craiova.

URBAN REACTION brought three community theatre performances "Where do we meet?", "Today or tomorrow?" and "What if? " coordinated by director Laurențiu Tudor and an installation performance "Why am I leaving/why am I staying?", coordinated by director Vlad Drăgulescu