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The 4th edition of the Young Directors Festival comes to an end

Young directors invited to stage at major theatres across the country

- 4th edition of the Young Filmmakers Festival, at the end -


From 5 to 9 July 2022, the "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre in Craiova hosted the 4th edition of the Festival of Young Directors Theater Networking Talents (TNT), a theatrical event coordinated by director Bobi Pricop, dedicated to emerging artists.


This year's edition was focused on the bachelor/master performances of Romanian directors who graduated in the classes of 2020/2021/2022, and the 14 directors selected this year were: Alin Neguțoiu, Bianca Oprea, Cosmin Panaite, Irina Moscu, Irisz Kovacs, Mara Oprea, Máté Szilvay, Mihai Păcurar, Monica Stoica, Petro Ionescu, Răzvan Enciu, Tudor Antofie, Tudor Nicorici and Vlad Isăilă.


14 performances, debates moderated by Iulia Popovici about the new world of performing arts, concerts by Impex and Valeria Stoica, screenings of debut short films, informal meetings with theatre managers and artistic directors, conversations that have been postponed for two years and a city that vibrated for five days to the rhythm of the energy of the new wave in Romanian theatre - these were some of the proposals of this edition.


The workshops started last year by five teams of directors and playwrights in the special TNT x New Stages SE edition, organised in collaboration with the Goethe Institute, were also continued.


The aim of the festival was to provide a valuable artistic encounter between the new generation of directors and audiences, fellow directors and theatre directors, promoting young creators and their spectacular debut productions.


We set out to create a relaxed space for theatre directors to sit with young graduates, to provoke open conversation, a natural collegial atmosphere where everyone feels they have something to say and that someone is there to listen. It was five full days and nights, in which we got to know each other better, we questioned many aspects of our profession, of the Romanian theatre system, with all its doors, more or less open to emerging directors. I would like to thank the team of the National Theatre of Craiova, but also all those present, especially the theatre managers and artistic directors who cleared their agenda to be present in Craiova. Their openness towards the young generation of theatre makers is a sign of health, and the consistent number of project proposals for graduate directors is a huge joy and only makes our meetings in Craiova even more meaningful.

Bobi Pricop, theater director & director of TNT


Several of the graduates who presented their productions in TNT's showcase have been invited to perform in future seasons at major theatres across the country. Here is what the representatives of the cultural institutions present in Craiova announced:

- Mihai Păcurar will be invited next year for a project at the National Theater "Marin Sorescu", Craiova;

– Monica Stoica was invited to stage, in 2023, at the Excelsior Theatre, Bucharest;

- Petro Ionescu and Irisz Kovacs were the two directors with whom Teatrul de Nord Satu-Mare announced its intention to collaborate;

Cosmin Panaite will be proposed for a collaboration at the Prichindel Theater in Alba-Iulia;

- Petro Ionescu and Cosmin Panaite will also be proposed for future projects at the "Elvira Godeanu" Theater in Târgu-Jiu (in this case, it is a special situation – as a result of the change of theater management, the proposal will be submitted for approval to the new management)

Irisz Kovacs was invited to the German State Theater Timișoara to stage in one of the next two seasons.


After an edition full of encounters and happy happenings, which made it possible to open the conversation about the new wave of artists, the Romanian theatre system, the collaboration and support of those in the guild, but also the relationship with the audience and the connection to the spirit of new theatrical attitudes and visions, TNT is already preparing for the next chapter.


Theater Networking Talents (TNT) is an event organized by the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater from Craiova and the University of Craiova - Faculty of Letters - Department of Arts and Media, with the support of the partners: "Traian Demetrescu" House of Culture, Dolj County Council and UNITER .




The Marin Sorescu National Theatre in Craiova is a prestigious Romanian cultural institution whose long and rich 170-year history has culminated in Silviu Purcărete's legendary performances, presented at the most important theatre festivals around the world and the huge international success of the Shakespeare Festival, which brings performances from five continents to Romania every two years.


Now, with a contemporary vision, the theatre addresses present and future perspectives, addressing an increasingly broad spectrum of audiences in line with current challenges.


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