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A lost letter

By: Ion Luca Caragiale

Directed by: Mircea Cornișteanu

Duration: 160

Set Design: Klara Labancz

Scenic Version: Mircea Cornișteanu

Genre of the show: Comedy

Technical direction: George Dulămea


"Mircea Cornişteanu staged the play "A lost letter" at the National Theater in Craiova, for the fifth time in his career. And the staging is a coherent and successful image of the current society, transposed through Caragiale's text, without the known clichés, fresh and lively, with humor and intelligently modernized and not ostentatious... Claudiu Bleonţ in the role of Tipătescu leaves aside newer or newer mannerisms and idioms old and builds a strong and well-thought-out role, an image of the weak politician, decorative and manipulated from the shadows either by a woman..."
Monica Andronescu – A letter... found, Yorick

"In the series of Caragiale productions, after watching several "Lost letters" and ... "unfound" in performances, the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater from Craiova proposes, directed by Mircea Cornișteanu, a remarkable show. The director leaves the viewer free to think about what is happening on the stage and to compare it with the current reality that they live on a daily basis; they don't force it through any exaggerated theatrical effect... In the exceptional interpretation of Cerasela Iosifescu, Zoe is the ambitious, authoritative woman, like many ladies today. Her Zoe is beautiful, exudes the charms of femininity, but behind this image, the wigs she changes, she actively involves herself in the lives of the men around her for their interest and full success."
Ileana Lucaciu, Finally, "A letter..." found, Spectator blog, November 19, 2012

"Mircea Cornișteanu bets on contemporaneity and wins, both through the freshness and courage of the directorial vision, and through the absolutely memorable acting creations. If, in other productions, the characters were caricatured, vulgarized, thickened to the point of monstrosity or crowded into the limits of cheap ridicule, the Craiova version resets the characters in the area of the natural, so simple in real life and so complicated to materialize on stage... Venerable Zaharia Trahanache is, in the version of the famous Ilie Gheorghe, an elderly gentleman, who does not let us see much of his inner universe, but who says quite a lot by the way he emphasizes the syllables. One of the great revelations offered by "The Lost Letter" from Craiova is George Albert Costea, in the role of Catavencu."
Gabriela Hurezean – Mircea Cornișteanu found the "lost letter", Romanian Chronicle, November 19, 2012


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