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Directed by: Bobi Pricop

Dramaturgy: Ionuț Sociu

Set Design: Oana Micu

Music and choreography: Eduard Gabia

Image and editing: Iustin Șurpănelu

Premiere date: 23 January 2022

Duration of the show: 80 min

With: Alexandra Francu, Jacqueline-Alessia Crăciun, Raluca Tender, Adrian Săpăceanu, Andrei Sava, Cristian Corbu, Matei Stăncuța

Performance-installation co-produced by the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater Craiova, the "Andrei Mureșanu" Sfântu Gheorghe Theater, the Constanța State Theater and the Northern Theater Satu Mare


A performance-installation about adolescence and (over-)living, #acedesurance is designed to work on two levels: on the one hand, as a performative event in a theatrical space, on the other hand, as a narrative anchored in the virtual environment, more precisely within the TikTok network.

By directly involving teenagers in the making of these videos, #acedesiguranță aims to probe several themes relevant to the world of young people in Romania today: anxiety, identity, self-awareness, education, relationships, vulnerability, isolation.

In addition to its social relevance, such an approach also allows the exploration of new theatrical means, combining storytelling with the performative dimension of TikTok. The stakes are all the higher as TikTok is gradually changing (part of) the world we live in, something we have already seen with the outbreak of the pandemic. By adapting to new technologies, theatre can mirror and filter these transformations.

Bobi Pricop


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