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PR013C7U1 0R3ST3

Collective adaptation after Euripide

Directed by: Laurențiu Tudor

Duration: 75

Set Design: Laurențiu Tudor

Music: Laurențiu Tudor

Genre of the show: Drama

Photo: Florin Chirea

Video: Florin Chirea

Choreography: Attila Bordás

Technical direction: George Dulămea

"The Orestes Project" is the adaptation of the play "Orestes" by Euripides, which brings the ancient character Orestes into contemporaneity, without distorting the narrative thread proposed by the ancient tragedy. The show "The Orestes Project" follows the two brothers Orestes and Electra awaiting their sentence, following the matricide in which the two were accomplices, along with Pilade, Orestes' best friend. In their quest to do justice to the father who had been murdered by their mother, Clytemnestra, the two characters present different perspectives on both the idea of conscience and the principle of moral duty. Their lives shaken by the tragic event are now in the hands of others. The murder-sacrifice ratio is discussed. Through the presence of two other important characters, Menelaus and Helen of Troy, the only relatives who could help the two brothers, the show brings to the fore other current problems: alienation from the bosom of one's own family, egocentrism, obsession with image. Electra and Pylades claim that the moral author of all misfortunes is Helen, who sparked the Trojan War.

"The Orestes project proposes a parallel between the law of moral duty and social laws and norms. The idea of the show is to highlight the paradoxes of modern society through the ancient text. The mechanisms of surveillance are put into operation, so that Orestes and Electra are not only cloistered until the verdict is established, but also under permanent surveillance. The media plays a crucial role in the current context and as such, Apollo, the exponent of divinity is also represented by an image associated with the world wide web, which turns out to acquire the attributes of the divine nowadays: it is omnipresent, omniscient omnipotent. The show also talks about consumerism, superficiality, and indoctrination with New Age principles, which only "sweep the garbage under the rug", keeping the good image and abstracting from the essence." (Laurentiu Tudor – director)

***"The Oreste Project" is a show produced by the Teatrulescu Company and supported by the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater in Craiova through the ProIndependence Program - the Feelancer Project, which aims to support independent artistic initiatives. The cast of the show brings together both National and Teatrulescu Theater actors. The stage adaptation is the result of a collaborative process based on the ancient texts "Orestes", "Elena" by Euripides, "Orestes 2.0" by Charles Mee and inserts of texts written by the artistic team, following a rigorous documentation process adapted to the needs of the production.

!!! This show is not recommended for people with epilepsy. The show contains visual effects that can trigger epileptic seizures. !!!


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