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String your pearls!

By: Victor Eftimiu, directed by Al. Boureanu

Duration: 70 min

Set Design: Adrian Damian (decor), Raluca Turliu Cobilanschi (costume)

Genre of show: show for children

Decoration: Adrian Damian

Costumes: Raluca Turliu Cobilanschi

Directed by Tehnica: Mircea Vărzaru

"If enchantment still exists in the 21st century, then it must look like "String, pearls", by Victor Eftimiu, from the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater in Craiova, directed by Alexandru Boureanu: full of color, costumes beautiful, in fashionable colors, and by Ilene Cosânzene dressed in airy, orange dresses. […] In this display of characters, whenever the text allows, the director Alexandru Boureanu and the actors never forget to select the individualizing comic detail. Thus, the show is intended for children as well as adults, because humor is contained in most of the situations: in the ambiguity of the word "baby", for example, in Buzdugan's lines, in the behavior of the princesses in the scene where they choose their grooms, in the shades of the prince suitors, some of whom come with the skills of the gym, in their composite costumes - cleverly imagined by Raluca Turliu Cobilanschi -, with the huge, cartoonish shoes facing the audience, while the actors' faces remain oriented towards the bottom stage."

Cristina Rusiecki, Cultura Magazine, "What beauty!"


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