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What shut up, Gary?

By: Toma Grigorie,

Directed by: Alina Rece

Duration: 80

Set Design: Viorel Penișoara Stegaru (set), Lia Dogaru (costumes)

Genre of the show: drama

Technical direction: Mircea Vărzaru

Photo: Florin Chirea

"We will never know the truth"

"The clearest message of I. D. Sîrbu will be lived/assumed in the show: deliverance and personal fulfillment, despite all the evils, hardships, historical misfortunes. The truths spoken, written, printed or hidden away from the long claw of security have remained valid until today. Sîrbu won, despite the ideologies, currents, gangs enthroned at various levels of past or current power. A strong spirit can build around itself, regardless of the idiosyncrasies it awakens. This spirit we want to breathe in the show. Because, after all, "culture is freedom" and that's what Gary Sîrbu learned from Lucian Blaga. Gary demonstrated "The ability to remain human, even if your bread and freedom are taken away", says the director of the show, Alina Rece. And that's right, the spirit of I.D. Sîrbu breathes in the performance of the National Theater "Marin Sorescu", which remains in the viewer's mind for a long time, giving birth to meditations on the side of symbolism, and perhaps more acutely on the side of the final line, "We will never find out the truth".
Mirela Marinescu, Gazeta de Sud

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