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Where's the revolver?

By: Gorgey Gabor,

Directed by: Mircea Cornişteanu

Duration: 105 min.

Set Design: Mircea Cornişteanu

Scenic Version: Mircea Cornişteanu

Genre of the show: comedy

Translation: Zeno Fodor

"A gun that accidentally comes into the possession of some men, manages to overturn situations, create tensions and deceive hopes for better times. Between rickety and dirty walls are locked five men - a former nobleman, an intellectual, a peasant, a young man without culture and spiritual aspirations and an individual who is ready to please whoever has the power, without speculating the moments in which he gets to put hand on the gun, vainly hoping that each new change will give him the right to do his physiological needs. The dramaturgical structure and the adaptation for the stage make the show a succession of surprising transitions from drama to comedy. The musical accents, signed by Nicu Alifantis, delimit and intensify the suspense of the exchange between powers. The five actors from Craiova build their characters very well and manage to define very varied types of individuals and their way of reporting to Power."
Claudia Nedelcu Duca, Flacăra, December 3, 2010

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