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Ioan Lascu, lansare de carte – “Creație și valoare. Curente, scriitori, cărți.”

The writer Ioan Lascu invites you, Friday, February 9, from 4:00 pm , at the launch of a new book that appeared at the end of last year in the ed. "Romanian Writing ": creation and value. Current, writers, books . The volume will be launched in the foyer of the Craiova national, and about it will talk to the universities Ilona Duță, Cătălin Ghiță, Mihai Ene. It presents, Nicolae Coande.

Ioan Lascu has carried out a professional activity of 23 years within the Department of French Civilization and Culture at the University of Craiova, so that his concerns sensitive with the critical readings of French writers and thinkers: Jean-Paul Sartre, Francis Jeanson, Albert Camus, Montesquiou, Stendhal, Arthur Rimbaud, Guillaume Apollinaire, Paul Valéry, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, Henri Michaux, Michel Deguy. His concerns exceed the Galic cultural space and are directed to classical and contemporary Romanian writers: Mihai Eminescu, Alexandru Macedonski, Mihail Sadoveanu, and among contemporaries Marin Sorescu, Ștefan Aug. Doinaș, Irina Mavrodin, Carmen Firan, Nicolae Pana, Leo Butnaru, but also about the Romanian literature beyond borders, from North Bukovina, Bessarabia and the Serbian Banat. "Creation and value" is a volume of recovery of historical and critical materials printed in several periodicals, Romanian writing, literary talks, Argeș.

Ioan Lascu, was born on January 9, 1951 in the village of Slătinoara, near Petrosani, Hunedoara county. Between 1970 and 1974 he was a student at the Faculty of Romanian Language and Literature (Romanian-French specialization) within the Bucharest University. It had among the teachers remarkable personalities of the Romanian culture: Al. Piru, Zoe Dumitrescu Bușulenga, Silvian Iosifescu, Irina Mavrodin, Ovid S. Crohmălniceanu, was a college colleague, among others, with Mircea Nedelciu, Gheorghe Crăciun, Ion Tudor Iovian, Alexandru Dan Condeescu. He was the main editor of the magazine branches , then a publicist commentator at the daily youth in Bucharest. Between 1993 and 2016 he was a university framework (assistant, lecturer, lecturer) at the Faculty of Letters, the University of Craiova. He has become a member of the Writers' Union of Romania (USR) since 1994, he was a member of the management committee of the Craiova branch of the USR, and from 2018 chairman of the USR branch.

debut : in the magazine literary confessions , Petrosani (1970). debut in the press literary : in the magazine Steaua , Cluj, (1981). volume debut : in the collective volume lyrical flights (with the cycle of poems the cloud by the Steaua ), Ed. "Romanian Writing", Craiova, 1988 .

poetry : contrary to expectations (1993), the great delay (1994), a pit in time (1998), metal incantations (2003), a neolo where I write (bilingual rom. / fr., 2010), august transparency (2012).

prose : the sublime persecutor. Represses 1984 (2001), the beginning of words (2013).

literary criticism /essay : an iceberg above the sea. Essay on the posthumous work of Ion D. Sîrbu (1999, 2009), Albert Camus and the requirement of the unit (2002), panorama of at Poésie Française au xx e siècle , 2003; style and expressivity in today's press (2004), traditions that disappear (2004), French existentialism. Thinking and literature (2005), Culture separation (2005), actuality of masterpiece (2007, 2008), village from the end of the time (2010), the current masterpiece. Books and authors (Opera Omnia), 2013; Ion D. Sîrbu as it was (2014), diversity of literature, diversity of translations (2015), Sorescu case as (2017 ), generation 80. A historical-critical trip (2019), a history of bearer. Moving to red or about the "Stalin effect" in Romania (2021).

translations : 10 volumes (philosophy, essay, poetry) among which the decline of the West by Oswald Spengler (vol. I-II, 1996-1997) and positive philosophy course of Auguste Comte (vol. IV, V, VI, 2002-2003-2004), both being the first versions in Romanian. Also Millenarisms and modern religions by Jean-Pierre Sironneau (2006), literary criticism by Pierre Brunel et al. (2000), three voices of contemporary poetry. Marc dugardin. Lucien Newly. Jean-Luc Wauthier (coordination and translation in Colab., 2012) etc.

Ioan Lascu is included in:

anthologies : southwest. an anthology of contemporary writers in Oltenia , 1998; a quarter of a century of poetry (anthology by Vasile Muste, 1998), Valea Writers (Anthology by Marian Boboc and Gilbert Danco, 2005), Romanian literature anthology contemporary (in Romanian, French, English, German) vol. II, Iași, 2014.

Literary Dictionary : Writers Dictionary in Vale (Jiu) (Coautor, 1999), dictionary SF (Mircea Dan Pavelescu, 1999), Oltenian cultural interference (collective, 1999), personalities from Oltenia (collective, 1999), writers from the years 80-'90 , vol. II (Ion Bogdan Lefter, 2000), Biographical Dictionary of Romanian Literature (Aurel Sasu, 2001), Romanian ethnologists dictionary (Iordan Datcu, 2006), the bibliographic dictionary of the members of the Writers' Union, branch of Craiova (coordin. Lucian Dindirică, 2010), a dictionary of contemporary Romanian writers , vol. II ( coordin. Ioan Holban, 2016).

Some critical references in volumes : Mircea Bârsilă, Paul Aretzu, Constantin M. Popa , Florea Firan, Nicolae Oprea, Florea Miu, Ironim Muntean, Laurențiu Ulici, Petre Ciobanu.

a few critical references in periodic : Bucur Demetrian, Patrel Berceanu, Ioana Dinulescu, Mircea Bârsilă, Horia Dulvac, Nicolae Coande, Dan Stanca, George Vulturescu, Dan Cristea, Simion Bărbulescu, Constantin M. Popa, Irina Mavrodin, Paul Aretzu, Gabriel Coșoveanu, Gabriel Rusu, Ion Munteanu, Nicolae Oprea, Ecaterina Taralungă, Gabriela Gheorghișor, Simona Grazia Dima, Geo Vasile, Nicolae Manolescu, Constanța Buzea, Radu Comănescu, Vasile Spiridon, Nicolae Spiridon .

Collaborations in periodicals : branches , Romanian writing , mosaic , luceafărul , Literary conversations , poetry , argeș , family , literary Romania , apostrophe , the fly , spectator , autograph mjm , the millennium III etc. He also collaborated on about fifteen volumes of anal of the French language and literature department of the Faculty of Letters, the University of Craiova. He collaborated and coordinated two volumes with international contributions comprising camusal studies: Albert Camus, a écrivain pour nore temps (2011) and Albert Camus - Innovation, Classicisme , humanisme (2013).

Literary awards (selective) : "branches" award for poetry (1985); The "branches" award for literary criticism (1988); Awards of the Craiova branch of USR: Translation (1997), Poetry (1999), Short Prose (2001), Essays (2010); The prize of the magazine "Literary Conversations" for the essay (2004); The prize and diploma of excellence "Boema" Petroșani (2005); Poetry award of the "Ioan G. Bibicescu" County Library, Drobeta Turnu Severin (2006); The "branches" award for literary and essayistic criticism (2006); Awards of the publishing house and magazine "Romanian Writing" for Essay (2004), Literary and Translation (2009), Literary History and Criticism (2013), "Serban Cioculescu" Prize for essay (2016); The "Mihai Eminescu" award for literary criticism, Drobeta Turnu Severin (2013); The prize of the magazine "Argeș" for the essay (2014); The "Eminescu" Prize (Drobeta Turnu Severin (2017), the National Prize for Criticism of Poetry, the National Poetry Workshop "Evenings from Brădiceni" (2018).

Ioan Lascu is a citizen of honor of Petroșani, a member of the Pen Club Belgique, a member of Société des études Camusiennes (S.E.C.) and Amitiés Camusiennes, France , was the editor-in-chief of the magazines time and our word (Drobeta Turnu Severin). He was and is still the chief editor of the autograph mjm Craiova (2010, 2020 and currently) and associated editor of the magazine branches (1992 -2018).

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