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The "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre announces the opening of the 2023 performance programme, bringing to the public productions appreciated by critics and theatre lovers and, at the same time, shows that premiered during the pandemic and have thus been less represented in the theatre during the last two seasons.


THE MISER by Moliere directed by Felix Alexa and scenography by Andrade Chiriac will be performed on January 12, 19.00, at Amza Pellea Hall.

The National Theatre's most recent premiere, a show that has been sold out since its premiere, features actors Claudiu Bleonț, Cerasela Iosifescu, Alex Calangiu, Costinela Ungureanu, Nicolae Poghirc, Cătălin-Mihai Miculeasa, Iulia Colan, Cătălin Vieru, Angel Rababoc, Nicolae Vicol, Gabriela Baciu, along with Ovidiu Cârstea and Bogdan Oprănescu.


Andrea Gavriliu signs the artistic direction and choreography of the two productions: "Outfit Șearpelui" and "VIVA LA VULVA!" which will have performances on January 14 and 15, 2023. Both performances are based on texts belonging to Marius Aldea, and the music is composed by Mihai Dobre.


"The Serpent's Outfit", scheduled for January 14, 7:00 p.m. and January 15, 8:30 p.m., at the I.D. Sîrbu hall, features Alex Calangiu, Ștefan Cepoi, George Albert Costea, Cătălin- Mihai Miculeasa, Claudiu Mihail, Vlad Udrescu.


On January 15, at 19:00, Romanita Ionescu, Ramona Drăgulescu, Raluca Păun, Costinela Ungureanu, Petronela Zurba and Irina Danciu perform on the stage of the Amza Pellea hall in the show "VIVA LA VULVA!" , a choreographic poem in which six women give voice, in reverse chronological order, to the stages their bodies go through throughout their lives.


On the 18th, 19th and 20th of January we are enjoying the meeting with an event performance of the 2022-2023 season signed by two genius creators from the world theater elite: Declan Donnellan (director) and Nick Ormerod (scenography): OEDIP KING by Sophocles.


The show features Claudiu Mihail, Ramona Drăgulescu, Vlad Udrescu, Tamara Popescu, Alex Calangiu, Nicolae Vicol, Iulia Colan, Angel Rababoc, Raluca Păun, Ovidiu Cârstea, Eugen Titu, Corina Druc, Bruno Noferi, Ioana Andone, Irina Danciu, Adelina Galiceanu, Roxana Mutu, Mihai Alexandru Purcaru, Petri Ștefănescu, Cătălina Vînătoru, Iarina Zidaru, Ioana Vicol, Romana Vicol.



The show "OEDIP KING" enjoyed immense success during the National Theater Festival, Bucharest 2022, being ovated by the audience present at the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre, on the occasion of the two supported performances.


On 21 January 2023 at the "I.D.Sîrbu" Hall at 19:00 will be played "dog with man. dog without man" on texts by Lia Bugnar, Dan Coman, Simona Goșu, Maria Manolescu, Oana Pellea, Radu Tudoran and Radu Afrim Regia, the video concept and the sound universe are signed by Radu Afrim and the scenography belongs to Irina Moscu.


"dog with man. dog without a man" is the fourth show that Radu Afrim stages at the National Craiove, after "If we thought out loud" by Adnan Lugonić, "Casa with meerkats" by David Drábek and the production "Heart and other meat dishes" by Dan Coman, winner of the UNITER Award for the best show of 2020.


The cast consists of Alex Calangiu, George Albert Costea, Ramona Drăgulescu, Romanița Ionescu, Iulia Lazăr, Geni Macsim, Alina Mangra, Claudiu Mihail, Cătălin-Mihai Miculeasa, Raluca Păun, Tamara Popescu, Vlad Udrescu, Costinela Ungureanu, Petronela Zurba, Adrian Tudor, Mihai Viță.


For the roles in the show "dog with man. dog without man", Tamara Popescu and Vlad Udrescu were nominated for the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor Awards respectively, at the edition 2022 of the UNITER Awards.


The show "dog with man. dog without man" was represented in the International Theater Festival Sibiu 2022, the Reunion of National Theaters Chisinau 2022 and opened the National Theater Festival Bucharest 2022, bringing a large audience to Sala Studio of the National Theater "I.L. Caragiale.


On National Culture Day, the people of Craiova are invited to be accomplices in music and poetry of actor and singer Zoltan Butuc. In love with authentic Romanian poetry, Zoli offers us a musical show of intensities and sophistication based on the lyrics of Mihai Eminescu, Nichita Stănescu, Emil Brumaru, Grigore Vieru, Vasko Popa, Dorin Liviu Zaharia, Sanda Nicucie, Maria Firoiu.


The event will take place on Sunday, 15 January, from 12.00, in the foyer of the Marin Sorescu National Theatre.


The artistic program of the month of January ends on January 24 at the I.D. Sîrbu Hall with the recital "From OVIDIU to MIHAI EMINESCU" performed by Emil BOROGHINĂ, honorary member of the Marin Sorescu National Theatre.

The show is part of the POESIS PROGRAMME, holder of the special prize awarded by UNITER in 2021.


We are waiting for you to join us on this beautiful theatrical journey that we start on 12 January 2023!

Information and details about the performances and their schedule, as well as booking and purchasing tickets, are available at the Teatrala Agency, Str. A.I. Cuza no. 11, tel: 0251 413 677/ 0251 415 363, e-mail: and on page and the online ticket platform


The Marin Sorescu National Theatre in Craiova, one of the most important theatres in the country, with a tradition of over 170 years and a prestigious international activity, has launched the international project HEKTOMERON, a universal message of hope.

The National Theatre of Craiova is a prestigious Romanian cultural institution whose long and rich 170-year history has culminated in Silviu Purcărete's legendary performances, presented at the most important theatre festivals around the world, and the huge international success of the Shakespeare Festival, which brings performances from five continents to Romania every two years.


Now, with a contemporary vision, the theatre addresses present and future perspectives, addressing an increasingly broad spectrum of audiences in line with current challenges.


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