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Dear viewers,

According to the recommendations for the safety and prevention of the spread of the new type of virus, the “Marin Sorescu” National Theater in Craiova has restricted its activity with the public at the headquarters but continues its activity in the online environment and thus, starting Saturday, March 14, opened a space virtual play under the hashtag # teatruNcasACASAteatru .

This initiative was adopted in order to continue fulfilling our mission, which is to bring cultural productions and projects to the public, but also out of respect for our audience and for theatre artists eager to create and contribute to the artistic process, even through virtual means.

Theatre in the home, home theatre (or home theatre) came as an instant response to the need to create a movement aimed at keeping as many of us as possible at home for the good of us all.

Thus, the National Theatre of Craiova invited the audience to "play" on the official Facebook page of the institution, a page that has become a virtual playground, where several games and dialogues between actors and audience take place daily.

Since the first days of online broadcasting of the projects, there has been a real public interest reflected in the number of appreciations and interactions, messages of congratulations and encouragement.

We have identified projects that involve all the artistic staff of the theatre and thus, we have included in the programme the interventions of the artistic directors, the two make-up artists and the set designer.

Collaboration with the educational system continued by identifying literary texts needed by high school students and creating a program for our actors to read them.

We have paid particular attention to the proposals made by the public regarding the broadcasting of recordings of performances from the TNC archive and have thus offered them the opportunity to meet the great artists of the National Theatre from 1988 to 2000 within the framework of the TNC Teatroteca project.

Here are the projects initiated since 14 March 2020, currently running on the theatre's Facebook page:


The game goes like this: At the time the play is scheduled to begin, a video appears on the theatre's FB page of an actor saying a line from a performance in the National's current repertoire. The first person to guess the show can challenge one of the actors on the day to say a line of their choice (one sentence, maximum one phrase) and the tone to use.

Therefore, when the next video appears, with the designated actor, who utters in a certain way the line/statement proposed by the viewer in question, the next viewer who comments first on this video, thus proposes in turn a line/actor/statement and so on.


It is a game where one of the actors of the National Theatre gets into the skin of one of the characters he plays and tells the story of another show in the repertoire. This game is played in two stages: in the first stage, the audience chooses the narrator by vote, and in the second stage, they choose the show.

The actor is challenged to improvise their make-up, costumes, props and scenery from what they own in their home and to film themselves narrating their chosen performance.

Also under #teatruNcasACASAteatru, we opened TEATROTECA TNC , a selection of shows from the archives of the “Marin Sorescu” National Theater, which viewers can watch live on the theater's Facebook page. Each broadcast is preceded by posts challenging viewers to answer a few questions about published material. The shows presented premiered between 1988-2000 and brought on stage the much-loved actors: Ilie Gheorghe, Iosefina Stoia, Leni Pintea Homeag, Valer Dellakeza, Natașa Raab, Valeriu Dogaru and many others.

The TNC THEATER has expanded overseas, and the shows will be broadcast live and accessible to people living in the United States or Canada.

The latest online program is HOME COFFEE . Every day, starting with 10:00, the actors of the National enter into a live dialogue on Facebook with the spectators, enjoy the morning coffee and answer the questions from the participants.

The current game program will be developed in several variants and directions and will continue as long as needed. So far, the spectators have played with the actors Iulia Colan, Cătălin Vieru, Constantin Cicort, Claudiu Bleonț, Iulia Lazăr, Cerasela Iosifescu, Sorin Leoveanu, Ioana Florentina anciu, Dragoș Măceșanu, Alex Calangiu, Ramona Drăgulescu, Corin Druc, Claudiu Mihail Raluca Păun, Eugen Titu, Romanița Ionescu, Cătălin Mihai Miculeasa, Tamara Popescu, Gabriela Baciu, George Albert Costea, Alina Mangra, Petronela Zurba.


The actors of the Craiova National Theater will read the texts included as a compulsory reading in the school curriculum for grades IX-XII. The proposed texts are: "The last night of love, the first night of war" by Camil Petrescu, "Ion" by Liviu Rebreanu, "The fountain between the poplars and" Hanța Ancuței "by Mihail Sadoveanu," Enigma Otiliei "by George Călinescu", "La gypsies ”by Mircea Eliade,“ Lostrița ”by Vasile Voiculescu”.


The project includes the recitation of poems chosen by the actors of the National. These will be supported by video illustrations, made by the theater set designer, Lia Dogaru.


The theatre's Facebook page will feature interviews with the theatre's actors and national and international theatre personalities, published over time in SpectActor Magazine.


The project is realized by the two make-up artists of the Marin Sorescu National Theatre, Minela Popa and Mihaela Guran. They will present to the audience the techniques used in making masks and theatrical make-up.



The directors of the Marin Sorescu National Theatre, Radu Afrim and Bobi Pricop will give video presentations in which they will tell the audience about the performances they directed on the TNC stage, the creative process and the steps leading up to the final production.

The coordinator of the project #TeatruNcasACASAteatru is Vlad Drăgulescu , the artistic director of the theater.

In addition to these projects, the actors continue the rehearsal program for the shows in the current repertoire and for the two productions in preparation: Cousin Shakespeare , directed by Radu Boroianu and Incognito , directed by Radu Iacoban , adapting the classic work procedure to the virtual environment.

We stay home and enjoy the theatre! Together!

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