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Sergiu Cioiu returns to the Marin Sorescu National Theatre in Craiova

Remarkable singer-songwriter, chansonist, lover and reciter of poetry, the versatile actor Sergiu Cioiu returns on Saturday 19 November, at 19:00, at the "Ion D. Sîrbu" Hall of the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater in Craiova, in a show dedicated to Romanian poetry and some Romanian poets belonging to several generations.

"Sergiu Cioiu sings poetry" is announced as a musical and cultural event of the Romanian autumn.

The Craiova public is invited to participate in the happy encounter between the warm, enveloping voice of the renowned artist and the poetry of George Bogza, Miron Radu Paraschivescu, Marin Sorescu, Nichita Stănescu, Adrian Păunescu, Romulus Vulpescu, Ștefan Radof. Last but not least, the meeting between Sergiu Cioiu and his mentor, the composer Alexandru Mandy (born in Craiova) will constitute a moment of vibration within the show which will be followed by the screening of the film "Homage to Constantin Brâncusi".

Presented by Nicolae Coande.

Tickets are available at the theater agency and online at


"An explosion of energy, talent, fervor, charm, inspiration brought to the stage by Sergiu Cioiu.
I also wrote "inspiration", because the recital included no less than 14 own compositions out of a total of 16! And not just any kind of compositions, but songs with a scholarly sound architecture, with dialogues and vocal support in which Vlad Crețu also proved to be a great partner in the delightful onomatopoeias that we have never encountered in our light music.
Sergiu Cioiu is a real phenomenon, with his modern compositions, not one resembling another, with the selection of verses (himself adapting poetic ideas belonging to Geo Bogza or Marin Sorescu), with incredible vigor! Each of his songs benefits from a direction, a certain staging, even a dance, because let's not forget that first of all he is an actor.
And obviously it was not by chance that he chose Vlad Crețu since his return to our stages, between them there is a simply incredible symbiosis, the guitarist being part of the rare lineage of instrumentalists who know how to stay in the shadows when necessary, subsuming and the talent of that of the protagonist, to then impress with solos of great virtuosity.
Rarely such a perfect singer-accompanying communion! A chanson player par excellence, an interpreter of verse like no one else in our country, Sergiu Cioiu would have made a career in France, as if we see him surrounded by the public on the left bank of the Seine..."

Octavian Ursulescu – music critic


"The living component of his extensive interpretive overflow would require, I dare to say, even more convincing superlatives than usual, in order to be able to embody to a certain extent the real dimensions of the pathos invested in the CONCERT-DELIGHT that, with a generosity and a true demiurge vocation, Sergiu Cioiu offered it to us as a gift...
From the subtle whispers to the pregnant tones, the ever-young artist (because we can talk about a second youth!) showed a surprising ability to dose and exhibit a whole plurality of feelings! No less striking was the overflowing energy with which he intensely supported the tone of the externalization for two hours!! Really, an energy of self-giving and creativity, worthy of envy!!!"

Florian Lungu – music critic

"I worked out, together with Sergiu Cioiu, lyrics and music, all springing, through an astral chance, from the experience on his own that he dared when he chose to give a melodic outline to the poems of Miron Radu Paraschivescu, Romulus Vulpescu, Ștefan Radof, Adrian Păunescu, George Ranetti and George Topârceanu. Sergiu Cioiu himself making a transcription in his own style of a poem by Marin Sorescu.
This time, as in every meeting with us, his friends, in verse and melody, came with a big surprise. He offered us the pose, hitherto unknown, of the composer Sergiu Cioiu. Which, in the end, only reconfirmed the uniqueness of his irresistible creative force."

Ioana Bogdan – TVR producer

"Supported by the superb lyrics of Marin Sorescu, Miron Radu Paraschivescu, Romulus Vulpescu, Ștefan Radof, Adrian Păunescu, Geo Bogza, Nichita Stănescu, he discerns poetry through song in a permanent exchange of energy with the spectators. Most of the songs are remarkable own compositions, along with those of Alexandru Mandy, from the end of the show.
The science of interpreting the lyrics, as well as the voice with a special timbre, dressed in a delightful stage game, make us notice Sergiu Cioiu's acting quality and make him particularly attractive. (…)
The artist Sergiu Cioiu, the interpreter of the poetic song, appears to us as an artist, in step with the reality of our days, slightly self-ironic, often smiling, charming and very sympathetic, transmitting immense joy and passion for what he offers us."

Vasile Menzel, singer-songwriter, poet, guild colleague


Sergiu Cioiu 82 was greatly applauded, a delirium, in which the sung poetry crossed the ramp, delighting the audience in guitar chords.

"Sergiu Cioiu is a true artist, with an impressive artistic vitality and longevity. His professional motto seems to be, the continuous present'', which is, in fact, the most direct, warmest form of what we conventionally call eternity''.

Miron Manega

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