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Twelfth night (as you wish or the night after the end of the fair)

By: W. Shakespeare

Directed by: Silviu Purcărete

Duration: 120 min

Set Design: Silviu Purcărete

Music: Vasile Şirli

Scenic Version: Silviu Purcărete

Genre of the show: drama

Translation: Mihnea Gheorghiu

Assistant Director: Anca Maria Colțeanu

Scenography Assistant: Gabriel Mănescu


"A show through which I traveled with joy and enormous nostalgia, a show that gave me the opportunity, in fact, to travel through the worlds, moods and obsessions of Silviu Purcărete, through the time he spent in Craiova, through the performances staged there. The reunion with a great artist, with a precious friend...
As you wish or The night from the breaking of the fair by Shakespeare, a sum of quotes from the atmosphere of the performances of Silviu Purcărete from Craiova, an unreal story about the bittersweet taste of love. A nostalgic look back at the past, a show with the oldest actors, experienced in the language of Purcărete - Valentin Mihali, Ilie Gheorghe, Valer Dellakeza, Constantin Cicort, Angel Rababoc, Iosefina Stoia, Ion Colan, Valeriu Dogaru - and the present, that is Cerasela Iosifescu, Nicolae Poghirc, Iulia Lazar, Romanita Ionescu, Mihai Arsene. And the pianist Ion Butnaru, our musician since the beginning of the fair. And the small, cold, endless rain falls - purifying? - over all of us..."
(Marina Constantinescu, In search of lost time, Literary Romania, no. 14/2004)


... an autonomous show, in relation to the traditional versions, of a remarkable personality, classic in construction, elegance and musical accompaniment, modern in the carousel of "ambiguities", in the metaphorical valences of the scenography and in the play of the actors...
(Ion Parhon, Free Romania, April 2004)

The Night of the Fair - I prefer the title given by Silviu Purcărete to the stage adaptation he made after Shakespeare's well-known play, Twelfth Night - is a seductive show through the scholarly and organic alternation of reading levels, subjective orchestration of Shakespearean themes : the ambiguity of identity and its "corollary", the sexual ambiguity that develops a diffuse, indistinct, excessively expressed and frustratingly insatiable erotic attraction, to the point of madness; the equivocation of identity breaks the spatio-temporal coordinates, the lines of separation become fluid. After the performance, the image of the stage on which mismatched pieces of furniture are piled up, among which the empty bookcases, devoid of books, become shelves literally for a kitsch world populated with garden gnomes - the suggestion of failure is chilling, especially since the treatment is done in comic key; in fact, it disturbs the virtuosity of dosing the consistent humor that bathes the show from one end to the other, with the poetic halo, to the point of tears, of the staging.
(Crenguţa Manea, Arhitext Design, October 2004)

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