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Bald singer vs. moments and sketches

"Atelier (Pictură)" Hall

Directed by


Collaborating actors

Assistant Director: Cătălina VÎNĂTORU

Translation The bald singer: Vlad RUSSO și Vlad ZOGRAFI

Set design: Vanessa Beca

Original music: Octavian GORUN

Technical Direction: Sorin GRUIA / Cristian PETEC

Master of lights: Dodu ISPAS

Duration of the show: 60 min

Cast: Ovidiu CARSTEA (Mr. Smith), Roxana MUTU (Mrs. Smith), Cătălin BLENDEA (Mr. Martin), Alexandra MIHALCEA (Mrs. Martin), Gabriela POPESCU (Mary), Irina DANCIU (housekeeper), Mihai VEAL (Fire Captain)

Five o'clock cast: Irina DANCIU (Măndica), Adelina GALICEANU (Tincuța), Iarina ZIDARU (Mița), Alexandru PURCARU (The Lord)

Bubico Cast:: Adelina GALICEANU (Mamița), Alexandru PURCARU (Passenger), Iarina ZIDARU (Bubico), Andreea ILIE (Monologue "Infamy" / "Authority"), Delia TOADER (Monologue "On the fast train"), Jana Čeklanović (Violin)

Artistic Internship: Vlad BURDUȘEL, Simona GRÎCLEANU, Ioana STAMA, Cătălina VÎNĂTORU


"English bourgeois interior with English armchairs. English evening. Mr Smith, English, in his English armchair, wearing English slippers, smoking his English pipe and reading an English newspaper by an English fireplace with an English fire burning. He wears English glasses, a grey English moustache. Next to him, in another English armchair, Mrs Smith, an Englishwoman, mends English stockings. Prolonged moment of English silence. Seventeen English beats of the English pendulum."

Mr and Mrs Smith, a traditional London family, have Mr and Mrs Martin as their guests for dinner. The fire captain will surprise them with his visit, particularly their housekeeper, Mary, who turns out to be an acquaintance of his.

The pendulum, representation of time, never shows the time as it should, and even stops from time to time and reveals moments from a world stuck in Caragiale's time.

What is really absurd? Ionesco's text, the people of yesteryear, the people of today, the people of tomorrow? Or...

I think existence is absurd. I don't think life is absurd. History is not absurd but logical. It can be explained. We can say why things happen. It is not within existence that there is absurdity, but existence itself seems impossible to me. – Eugène Ionesco


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