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Blood ties

By: Beth Henley

Directed by: Colectivă

Duration: 100 min

Set Design: Adriana Dinulescu

Genre of the show: drama

Translation: Ana Ularu, Romanița Ionescu

Technical Direction: Mircea Vărzaru

Photo: Florin Chirea

The play, written in 1978, brought notoriety to the author, winning the Great American Play contest, the New York Theater Critics Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Playwriting. "Blood Ties" was also nominated for a Tony Award for Best Play and an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.
In a county fair in Mississippi, where everyone is one big family and no one is a secret to the other anymore, where all daily activities are done in community, it is loneliness itself that brings three sisters together. A large kitchen - from a small, cloistered town - where the three sisters cook their loneliness together: this is the living space of people whose blood connects them in every way, the only place where they can breathe.
Project realized within the Off Stage program of the "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre.


"Iulia Lazăr has a special voice, which helps her very well in suggesting Lenny's exasperation, an old girl taken by everyone as a nurse. Especially by cousin Chick (Raluca Păun), named after the word "chicken", for whom almost everything is potentially edible. Until you make fun of her and she gets a broomstick on her back, she manages to become perfectly annoying - about two game strokes of Raluca Păun. Babe (Iulia Colan) seems to have fallen out of the hospital for depressed insane – she shot her husband because she didn't like the way he looked and shows no signs of realizing what punishment awaits her (and this is just the beginning). Her lawyer (Claudiu Mihail) is beardless, he likes Babe because she sold him a pie at a market and has a personal vendetta with her husband - but he shows no signs, only assurances, that he knows what to do (in except for keeping his glasses on his nose). Meg (Romanița Ionescu) is mysterious and probably bulimic, considering her relationship with the candy Lenny gave her on her birthday; she is the black sheep and the cynical member of the family, she terrorizes Lenny and it seems that she is ready to break the marriage of the man Doc (Alex. Calangiu) who, because of her, was crippled by one leg years ago... O play, so to speak, optimistic in its morbid comic: things happen the way they want, but it's good, and it's good that we're together. It seems that when actors do theater alone, they can do it very well - because it's about them."
Iulia Popovici, Cultural Observatory, August, 2012

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