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Iulius Caesar

By: William Shakespeare, directed by Peter Schneider

Duration: 110 min

Music: Cari Tibor

Translation: Lucia Verona and Horia Gîrbea

Decoration: Adrian Damian

Costumes: Cristina Milea

Choreography: Simona Deaconescu

Directed by: Peter Schneider

Adaptation: Patrick Pacheco

Bazat pe traducerea de: Lucia Verona şi Horia Gîrbea

The Choreography: Simona Deaconescu

Design video: Irma de Vries

Music: Cari Tibor

Decoration: Adrian Damian

Costumes: Cristina Milea

Lighting design: Daniel Klinger

Sound design: Tom Brânduş

Theater: Iolanda Mănescu

Director associate: Dragoş Alexandru Musoiu

Artistic consultant: Laurentiu Tudor

Producer creativ: Elisabetta di Mambro

"Ah, how many centuries will the great scene be played again and again, in states that do not yet exist and in languages totally unknown as yet? As many times as it will be, as many times our little group will be called "The liberating men of the country". (Cassius)


When Shakespeare wrote these words in 1599, he could easily have envisioned our current era of political anxiety. Julius Caesar is a play about the human condition and how history repeats itself, about overthrows of political regimes, about the dangers and virtues of a charismatic leader, public importance of responsible citizens that demands that each generation see these themes through the prism of their political moment and cultural.


This production tells a gripping and emotional story of a fierce political game that throws what was thought to be an orderly world out of balance and places a unique emphasis on the collateral damage caused by assassination and revolution. Over the centuries there have been countless productions of "Julius Caesar" and countless different theatrical ways of presenting the inner truth of the play. Peter Schneider's concept cast a greater light on the importance of two characters not prominent in the original play: a young and impressionable Lucius who is led to fatal consequences by the mistakes of men, and the soothsayer, who is the link between the real world, of mass media and the fantastic world, which represents the timeless ark of human history.


Peter Schneider worked with a group of young Romanian artists who created a contemporary and provocative visual language that moves fluidly between reality and the supernatural. The cast from the "Marin Sorescu" National Theater gives voice to unexpected, surprising and shocking images in which the scenery, costumes, video projections, movement, music and choreography tell a timeless story in a deeply emotional environment.

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