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Ion D. Sîrbu Hall

A show of Raul Coldea

Directed by: Raul Coldea

Set Design: Alexandra Budianu

Music: Fluidian

Assistant Director: Petronela Zurba

Technical Direction: Cristi Petec

Prompter: Anca Maria Ilinca

Premiere date: 06 Decembrie 2019

Duration: 90 min


Work, romantic relationships and some extra work. Playground is about a world populated by useless objects and degraded human relationships. A world of accumulation and excess in which we play at being grown-ups.
What do we do when we feel that we can't, when we feel that we are close to not being able to bear the pressure that others put on us?

Let's have lunch there. What are we gonna do? How much is it? What are we eating? Watch a movie? We need long-term plans. We need long-term plans. We need long-term plans.

**show recommended for audiences over 16 years old



  • "The identity of the characters is built from small pieces, fragments of everyday life, without extraordinary events, colored by sequined stockings, the extravagance of a dinner at a luxury restaurant, music, junk food, art films or anything that can drive away loneliness. (…)

Working in a corporation also brings feelings, tension, typical behaviors, translated into burnout specific terms. The syndrome of emotional exhaustion is exposed in detail, as a mental dehydration, "all ideas and all creativity drain from you".

Playground, the spectacle of the atmosphere of a generation, exhausted by the media, corporations and the dictatorship of the consumer society, negotiates with the public, challenges it to leave the conventional playing space (life), to remain alive and human." (Daniela Firescu, Viața se întâmplă în timp ce-ți faci planuri, Ramuri, nr.1/2020

  • "The show follows the path of some modern couples, questioning interpersonal relationships in an era in which corporatism has become the order of the day for many young people, in which work is an orbit around which the individual gravitates with more difficulty than around the orbit of their own passions and emotional needs. (…) "What do we do when we feel that we can no longer, when we have the feeling that we are close to being unable to bear the pressure that others put on us?" is the question addressed to the viewer in the presentation of the show. We need stability in an unstable world, in a world full of useless objects, in a world of consumerism, of mercantilism, in a world of efficiency. Time is no longer our friend, those close to us are further away than ever. There are billions of us in this world, but we have never felt more alone, because we can no longer find ourselves." (Anda Simion, Playground, a poetic essay transposed on stage /Scrisul Românesc, No. 2/2020, page 21)

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